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The following article is a collection of Vile Rat related posts and chatlogs pertaining to his obtaining a tattoo. A little information about who Vile Rat is and why we care about his tattoo. He has been one of our best directors for a very long time, was one of the great old D&D posters, and now moderates that same forum. Vile Rat was a spectacularly successful diplomat that was in large part responsible for alienating Mercenary Coalition from Kenzoku (then called Band of Brothers) in preparation for our invasion --essentially, he used diplomacy to fracture what was probably the longest standing alliance of any significance in EVE. Despite what the chat logs below may imply, he did not go fuck goons --he just got really, really mad.

The Request For Talent

I'm getting a new tattoo and I'd like you to design it.

I offer 100mil isk to whoever designs something that I like (and the honor of knowing your design is going on my shoulder).

The design -

It's going to cover my upper arm and shoulder above a band that consists of the chargers lightning bolt on my right arm. The image itself that I have in my head is of thor (or some other random norse looking dude) all buffed out and really rugged viking looking looking down and to the left with with the chargers lightning bolt in his fist ready to strike or his hammer and the chargers lightning bolt coming off of it ready to strike.

He's got to look haggard and angry as fuck and not something you'd see on some cheesy harlequin romance novel.

I have a picture in my head but I'm not an artist. I can't get it on paper and thats where you come in. I'm going to be pretty specific so if you can't handle somebody asking you to change a thing or two please don't bother. I'm going to ask you to change some things and resubmit but this is going on me forever so you should understand.

This is a big deal for me so anybody who fags up my thread I'm going to skullfuck just fyi.


Sweet Ink, Brah!


--Source (I highly recommend reading this source)

The Fallout