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People we love. People we hate. People we love to hate. This category is intended to include the most noteworthy or exhaustive biographies in the wiki. For less notorious persons, see Members.

Due to the high number of errors introduced by clumsy editors, I would ask that any users unfamiliar with wiki markup send any suggested changes to these tables to Vio Geraci unless said user is confident in his ability to not break the tables.

Infamous Goons

Goon Leaders Goon Heroes Causes Célèbres
The Mittani Haargoth Agamar Firstname Lastname
Sesfan Bane Glorious Dungar
Darius JOHNSON Scavok Hoegaarden
Zapawork Isaac jordik Midgath Stallsman
Karttoon Hrin Oozoo
Solo Drakban Deaken Fiss Arghy
James315 Adar
Billy Merc

Living Failures Curvy Goonettes Great Goon Artists
Eldoreth Nicnivin Stahlregen
Wicaeed Blue Medusa Poluketes
Gajdycz Arkhamina Phobos Ra
Cyvok Althair Erin Mctecman
HydroSan Skadhi Azureon
Naomi Ashikaga
Apple Boy
Jade Star


Villains Fuck Goons CCP Staff Folk Heroes
SirMolle Remedial Eris Discordia Tookar
Lady Scarlet KIATolon T20 Anthonyz
Db preacher NapalmKid Kieron MrReebok
Dianabolic Batlovod Tuxford Dafuzz
DigitalCommunist Armois Delgato Oveur Xirtam
Fire 59 Eleuthereus Taera Entity
Jade Constantine Anexian Hammerhead Chribba
Peoke Trevor Reznik GM Nova Swaffer
Seleene Iromei Kuzim Blak'yall
Evil Thug

Non-Goons That Nobody Cares About (With Shoddy Biographies)

BoB-Era Faggots Other Faggots Some Allied FCs I guess
Blacklight Jake Noble Shadoo
Farjung Wwhisper TheAdj
TWD Tyraxx Thork
Chowdown Nync

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