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Dropping a bubble as soon as the hostile decloaks from a jump-in can stop them dead in their tracks and give you more time to kill them, assuming they tried to initiate warp.

Stationprank / Delayed Bubble

Stationprankeing is facialimpediment's term for killing inties and small shit on station undocks in a comedic way. Part of the "afk dictor gonna warp away OH SHIT HE WASN'T AFK" series.

Steps are as follows.

  1. Undock an interdictor, preferably a Sabre, fit for pure-gank with webs and a bubble.
  2. Stop your ship at the "midpoint" between where you undock and where you are no longer in dockrange of the station. You are basically trying to play dead and you want to be as close to where the hostile will try and warp off, which is around the midpoint.
  3. When a hostile undocks in something killable, immediately "look at" their ship.
  4. If the hostile tries to initiate warp before his 30 second session timer is up, drop a bubble to break his warp and subsequently kill him before he can MWD off or redock. You have to watch his ship for any kind of movement away from his undock path to determine when they have initiated warp because your window to drop the bubble is not very large.

NOTE: If there are still hostiles in local, after the kill burn off from the kill area and don't come back for 3 minutes (1 minute for combat aggro, another minute of bubble aggro, then another minute in case someone deliberately bubble-aggroed you and is waiting at the station).

Also, watch out when trying to stationpranke crows or missile ships. Ships can either decide to try and warp off (thus the stationpranke), redock after mashing control+space to preserve the invulnerability, or hit the MWD and burn off. Usually, when they burn off immediately, you can not web them in time and it could lead to the crow doing it's fast-orbit dance of death while you can't do anything due to aggro. I've lost many sabres to crows simply because I can't speedtank their missiles.

Warp-Prank / Delayed Bubble

The delayed bubble takes advantage of warp disrupt probe's ability to break warps already in progress, like a warp disruptor. Many times, when an inty or something with a covops cloak jumps into the system of a dictor's gate, an "early" dictor bubble will force a hostile to decide between burning back to the gate, or trying to escape the bubble by burning out the edge. The warp pranke adds in a third option: Initiate warp and die.

Basically, when a hostile enters system, the dictor waits until the second the hostile decloaks to drop the bubble. If successfully pranked, the hostile will immediately stop dead due to the bubble breaking his warp. In the case of a small, fast ship, this gives a dictor or his backup more time to web and/or kill the target. In the case of a cloaking and/or covops cloaking ship, a decloaking approach will be easier because the hostile will basically have spent 5 seconds or more sitting still.

Difficult to execute because unlike the stationpranke, the hostile starts from a dead stop, resulting in a lower alignment time and a smaller window for bubble deployment. Also, this method will immediately give you one-minute aggro on the gate, a bad place to be in a slow dictor. (However, you shouldn't be bubbling on a gate if you don't know whats on the other side anyway.)

Cloaked delay bubble

Same as delayed bubble, except you stayed cloaked until the hostile decloaks. You have to then very quickly decloak, hit bubble TWO times (because sometimes the first click doesn't take because you are still coming out of cloak), turn on your MWD, CTRL+CLICK spam the hostile on your overview so you start moving toward him, and then hit max speed. This is a great way to catch recons and blockade runners who would have pulsed had they seen the dictor on the gate right away. It may help to overload your MWD before you cloak up as well.