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Steals jobs, plays Counter-Strike, hates spiders, enjoys Italian cuisine, IS A GIRL ON THE INTERNET!

nicnivin > Vag Discharge removed
Kiwillian > i'm glad you linked that name =/
nicnivin > hahaha
nicnivin > ohman
nicnivin > i didn't even realize how that must look
nicnivin > my face is fairly red now
BrianMc > Heh
MagicalMako > what
MagicalMako > lol
Kiwillian > lol @ nivin
BrianMc > Good lord woman
nicnivin > argh
MagicalMako > oh god nicnivin lol
nicnivin > my stomach hurts now
MagicalMako > :-D
MagicalMako > that was awesome
MagicalMako > thats gotta get quoted somewhere
Kiwillian > i'm putting it in the goonfleet quotes thread
FatKao > huh
Grayton > oh god what happened
FatKao > type here
nicnivin > we had a spy named 'vag discharge'
Kiwillian > scroll up
FatKao > ok
MagicalMako > loooooooooooooooooool
FatKao > obviously the spy understands goons
nicnivin > ohgod
nicnivin > kiwi
Kiwillian > nicnivin said "vag discharge removed"
nicnivin > ohgod
Kiwillian > rololololol
Grayton > hahahahaha
nicnivin > i'm never going to hear the end of this
MagicalMako > no you're not
MagicalMako > lol
Kiwillian > og god it's still making me laugh
nicnivin > me too
nicnivin > ohgod