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Myrtsquad (myrt's rho newbee gaggle)


  • Benvolio Grrrkrishnakk: hell yeah (honorary)
  • Enndr: falcon, not in irc (terrible)
  • Lili Mammon: SBs, Hurricanes, hulk
  • Stretchmeat Crotchquake: produces BSes - awesome
  • Zitts: sometimes in irc, sometimes worthless - a pretty cool guy (han (confirmed by phil))


  • Adamotibi: quit
  • Adar: megas
  • Aluks: unsubbed
  • Aveida: guardian
  • Barentz: interceptors
  • Battle Bott: unsubbed
  • Bren Shoden: raven
  • Chaniara: famous, cerb, sold to me
  • Chibi Duo: not a rho
  • Damien King: spy, quit
  • Darashan: not in irc, worthless
  • Delta FourZero: basilisk, cerb
  • Distrugga: BS
  • Dyk Eye: unsubbed, tacklers
  • Gtab: cane, rapier, caps
  • Iuus Zippius: tacklers
  • HotKarlMarxBrothers: shared w/ sam, purged w/o sponsor
  • JiggabooJeeves: tacklers
  • Jippa: not even sure he's mine
  • Mephiski: tacklers
  • Master Zor: not in irc: worthless
  • Seamus Socksworth: harb, anathema
  • SilenceoftheHams: tacklers
  • Sir Cuddles: domi, dictor
  • Tando Erro: cruisers
  • Ulbricht: tacklers
  • Vincent Savino: tacklers
  • Xantharos: tacklers
  • Yagrum: unsubbed
  • Zasze34: tacklers


  • Solixa: too cool for irc (ban evasion)


goons starting with:

F, K, N, O, P, Q, R, W

also cocks


Remember, remember the Ninth of February,

The hybrid charges, treason and plot,

I know of no reason

Why the Myrtarous Treason

Should ever be forgot.

St. Myrt's Day, nevar forget


--Val streth 14:44, 15 February 2008 (CST) (credit: Bund)

Mission BS

Blood Reach pioneer.

Skills at the time, to check standings transactions: negotiation iv, social iii, criminal connections iii