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RP whore alts


More and more people are rolling these alts so I want to be very clear about this: you cannot train ship skills with this build, period. Don't load up all 3 alt slots on an account with this build because eventually you'll run out of research skills to train and want to move on to ships of some kind on one of the three characters. Make one of the three characters a typical pvp-stats achura for good long-term training.

I'm making an account in which I'll skill up all three alts on it to use research agents and grind them all up, probably one faction each, say everything but amarr because their shit is cheap enough already. The total grind is 3-4 months long to get all 3 accounts to research project management 4/negotiation 4/field skills 4, but once done they should generate 1.5-2 datacores/day/agent, so better than 20 datacores/day for the account.

Best starting character is Gallente/Intaki/Engineer, take the +4 mem bloodline, and choose +3 int and +2 mem when assigning attributes. Why? you start with mechanic 5 and engineering 5 (512k SP out of your 800k total, which is significant when your goal is only 2m sp or so), and completely minimized per/will, which aren't used at all. You start with science 3 which gets you +3s right away.

For the 14-day trial, my only goal is to get each to advanced int 3, advanced mem 3, and advanced charisma 2, as well as social 3 and negotiation 3. This takes around 4 days with +3 int/mem/cha. The trial will expire with one alt training science 5, for about 5 days.

After reactivation all accounts are ready for agent grinding by proxy. One at a time they'll skill up to RPM/field skills/negotiation 3, then when they're all at 3 they'll skill one at a time to 4's, then they'll eventually get RPM 4, field skills 4, and negotiation 5. After that they're done and will provide passive datacore income to the tune of 20-30 datacores/day combined, and I'll skill one to be my general empire bitch to include t2 production and freighters. The low per/will will hurt during the freighters grind, but only then.

How to grind

Your goal is to use L4 research agents. Show info on your chosen corp's agents and you'll see the corp standings you need. It'll be in the 6.5 range.

Once one of the alts has social 3/4 and connections 3, it's ready to get standings. First view my Faction_Data_Centers page, and place buy orders for the two applicable factions (example, you're grinding a caldari corp, you buy tags for caldari+amarr) up through about 4.0 standings. Buy any tags that cost around 50k each or less, any more and it's probably not worth it. Turn them all in, run the six graduation certificate courier missions, run the graduation certificate storyline for each faction, and with connections 3 you should end up around 2.5-2.75 faction standings. This lets you start your grind with mid-quality level 2 agents for your corp, giving a shorter grind for not too much work.

You can do purely courier missions, which takes only minimal hauler training on your alt, or you can do kill missions by accepting them with your alt and doing them with another pve-trained character. These builds aren't meant to train many ship skills, what with 3 starting perception. Either way, you grind missions until you can use the agents you want, attempting to get your storylines from the correct corp. One way to force this is to do missions outside of your faction's main space, increasing the chance that the nearest storyline agent available will be in the same corporation. If you get a storyline for another corp, take it (might as well) then immediately change agents and try again. Storylines account for about half of your total standings gains, which is why you should be so concerned about them.

guaranteed in-corp storyline locations

Carthum Conglomerate - Asiros

Kaalakiota - Shemah/Ithar (has l3 kills) (really any agent in the kador region should work)


180m	account monthly cost
fixed per-character:
40m	+3int/mem/cha
10m	tags for initial faction standings
40m	research project management
13.5m	advanced int/mem/cha skillbooks
10m	specific field skillbooks (some cost less)
10m	misc. skillbooks
150m/month + ~400m startup
5 agents * 3 characters * ~1.5 datacores per day
datacore price range: 300k - 1.5m, hard to predict future value
monthly profit range: 100m - 1bn

Favorite fraps

Missing Running RA way

RA kills some freighters, I forget the details but it features a scorpion which is cool.

Road to F2A

This is an RA fleet combat (vs. LV) fraps video from the perspective of an RA scorpion pilot. Features Raste fagging around, a jamming incursus, and a 6:21 battleship loss ratio (RA:LV of course). There's a little sub-optimal use of the scorpion, notably the pilot doesn't pre-target 7 battleships (max locked targets on a scorpion), doesn't keep his weapons and ECM going all the time, but overall a good show (especially holding out till 5% armor and jamming key ships that were taking him down).

Reality Check

Art of War pilot Kaar shows off what an AC nos punisher and a nanophoon can do. Hint: AC punisher can solo close-range interceptors, nanophoon can solo most ratting battleships. This video has influenced my character's training plans more than any other.


This video: holy shit. AAA are pretty much the fleet PvP masters of this game. Features jumping into bubblecamps outnumbered and winning, killing dreads with focused sniper fire, and ASCN sucking giant ass.


Here are my personal fittings, so I don't lose them. They haven't been peer-reviewed so I'm not putting them on the mainpage for each ship yet. Fitting ships is a pretty cool optimization problem. Most of these setups end up very tight given my skills at the time I made them.


4x cruise launchers (named is better)
4x heavy nos (named is better)
1x 100mn MWD (named)
1x 20km warp disruptor
1x heavy capacitor booster (named)
1x X-Large Shield Booster II
2x inertia stabilizers (named)
4x nanofiber internal structure (named)
1x RCU (AWU 0-3) or PDS (AWU 4)

5 heavy drones, 10 light drones

Standard Missile Heretic

This is a neat fitting. Basically you're a gigantic crow with worse bonuses but one more launcher, more hitpoints, and a much, much worse sig radius. 125mm autocannons are thrown on because they're cheap, they fill out the remaining powergrid/cpu better than anything else, and barrage s is cool. Mainly you want to stay at 18km like a crow and never use them. Speed mods are chosen for max speed rather than agility because you orbit so wide anyway. T2 MWD costs as much as the hull yet doesn't insure, so it's highly optional, as are good-named speed mods, but if you spring for a T2 MWD and 2nd-best speed mods it hits 4428m/s without gang bonus or implants. In an orbit you go around 3.4, which is enough to speed-tank certain things, mainly battleship turrets and slow missiles.

Optional: drop the medium extender II for a best-named medium extender and drop two of the autocannons, and you have the cpu to fit a 5th standard launcher. You lose 180 shield hitpoints. With 5 launchers you finally do more dps than that crow you're emulating (barely). You have 1-2 free highslots to put offline utility things in (salvager, small remote armor rep, cyno gen if your cargo lets you carry fuel, etc.)

4x 'Malkuth' Standard Missile Launcher (lowest fitting requirements, worst-named)
3x 125mm Gatling Autocannon II
1x Interdiction Sphere Launcher I
1MN MWD (named/t2)
Medium Shield Extender II
Fleeting Warp Scrambler (lowest cap use 20km point)
2x Overdrive Injector (named)
1x Nanofiber Internal Structure (named)

Standard Missile Flycatcher

This is based on Farscape Hw's gatecamping setup. The best-named target painter is required to get no sig-radius reduction of damage using standard missiles (50m explosion radius) vs. interceptors (high 20's depeding on skills). Note that the skills "guided missile precision" and your destroyers 5 also figure into the sig radius calculation. This has no tank. Fitting 6 standards doesn't leave you enough powergrid to fit a medium extender, and this particular midslot setup leaves you with exactly 0 CPU left (weapon upgrades 5/ electronics 5). Powergrid is tight as well; this requires engineering 5/ AWU 1.

6x 'Malkuth' Standard Missile Launcher (lowest fitting requirements, worst-named)
1x Interdiction Sphere Launcher I
1x Catalzed Cold-Gas Arcjet Thrusters (best-named MWD)
2x X5 Prototype I Engine Enervator (2nd-best web)
1x J5 Prototype Warp Prohibitor I (2nd-best 20km)
1x Phased Weapon Navigation Array Generation Extron (best-named target painter)
1x inertia stabilizer (might as well go named in angel space)

Note that angel rats drop every single mod this setup uses, except the sphere launcher. You can get these fittings cheap off buy orders in RA Prime if you plan ahead.

Rocket Flycatcher

In order to fit a medium extender, you have to drop to rockets. Post-Kali it doesn't make much sense to put ECM on anymore. Things to put in that fifth slot: a sensor booster (pretty pointless), a passive shield resistance mod (a t2 EM one is actually worthwhile if you train up EM shield compensation) or a cap recharger (helps sustain a 20km point along with the MWD longer). Depending on your setup you can squeeze a 125mm autocannon in the 8th high, but my preference is an offlined scanprobe launcher. A tracking disruptor is also a good option if you have the CPU for it. No need for a target painter because rockets have a 20m explosion radius, and a single sensor damp isn't going to do much.

Note that I consider the first four midslots pretty much fixed; you need an MWD. You need the medium extender because otherwise why the hell are you using rockets? You need a 20km point because goonfleet is dumb and nobody else fits them, and they are extremely useful for gatecamps. You need a web for interceptor killing.

6x Rocket Launcher II
1x Interdiction Sphere Launcher I
1x 125mm autocannon, or offline recon probe launcher, or empty
1x Catalzed Cold-Gas Arcjet Thrusters (best-named MWD)
1x Medium Shield Extender II
1x X5 Prototpye Engine Enervator (2nd-best web)
1x J5 Prototype Warp Prohibitor I (2nd-best 20km)
1x Cap Recharger/Sensor Booster/t2 EM passive hardener/tracking disruptor
1x Co-Processor as needed, or inertia stabilizer

Southern Ratting Raven

I want a raven with 2x WCS, at least 2x BCS II, 6x siege launchers, 1x heavy nos, and a tractor beam. You pretty much can't fit an XLarge shield booster without a co-proc, but a large shield booster will drain your capacitor if left on constantly so you really don't need an XLarge. With the nos on the shield booster should be almost cap-stable (ingoring the drain of the hardeners, which is significant).

This fits with AWU 2 and engineering/electronics 5. It should fit better with 'arbalest' launchers (and do 5% more DPS). I'm planning on picking up a set of 'arbalest' launchers as they drop, and the saved CPU should let me move up to t2 hardeners.

6x Siege launcher I (using xx-#### currently, going to upgrade to 'arbalest' as they drop)
1x Heavy Diminishing Nos
1x Tractor Beam
2x Invulnerability Field I (named)
1x Explosion Dampening Field I (named)
1x Ballistic Deflection Field I (named)
1x Shield Boost Amplifier I
1x Large Shield Booster II
2x Warp Core Stablizer I
2x Ballistic Control System II
1x Power Diagnostic System II

Modified AC Sucka Punisher

This is a modified wiki fitting, with 200mm AC's dropped to 150mm's for better fitting, an EANM replacing the capacitor power relay, and an MWD replacing the AB. With armor comp skills, this basic EANM gives about 15% better resists (while the CPR would have given 20% better cap recharge) but is immune to NOS. The MWD lets you get places in order to use the 7.5km scram.

Note the EANM is actually an EANM (basic), which is about the same but uses 20 cpu instead of 25. This module has no seeded BPO and typically costs 200k. The 400mm plate is also named, also for fitting requirements. Between those two this frigate will end up costing 400-500k to lose. It would make sense to fit a T2 SAR (these have very low skill requirements), and possibly T2 guns, bumping the per-loss cost up to maybe 1.5m and adding the logistics hassle of securing 4 named/T2 modules in order to complete the frigate.

With perfect skills, this ends up with about 1300 armor and 75/50.5/53.5/60 resists, and can run the SAR for over a minute straight (providing about another 1k armor in that time period). It will do about 30dps with average gunnery skills. The idea behind this is to be a heavy tackler (on the level of an AF), without the cost of an AF, to hold down non-frigates without an MWD (this has no web) with two points even while taking fire (often in the form of 5-10 drones).

It should be noted that this should be flown with the Amarr Frigate skill as high as possible, as this provides a 5% armor resist bonus per level. Armor Comp skills have a lesser effect but are still useful (taking them to 3 takes about 10 hours each).

3x 150mm Light AutoCannon
1x Small Nosferatu
1x Warp Scrambler
1x 1MN MicroWarpdrive
1x Micro Auxiliary Power Core
1x Small Armor Repairer
1x 400mm Reinforced Nanofiber Plates
1x Energized Basic Adaptive Nano Plating

Tanking Merlin

I set this up for the best tank I can fit with Engineering/Electronics V and Weapon Upgrades IV. This ends up with 1150 shields and about 60% average resists (even better with shield comp skills), with a small sig radius too. Against cruiser weapons it tanks about as well as another un-tanked cruiser.

2x Standard Missile Launcher (whatever you want)
2x 125mm Railgun (antimatter/iridium)
1x Invulnerability Field
1x passive EM hardener
1x passive thermal hardener
1x medium shield extender
1x Power Diagnostic

XZH Campaign Caracal

Everyone says that Caracals should be glass cannons, but with five midslots they can put forth an impressive shield tank. The "tank" is merely to avoid getting one-shotted by a couple sniping BS. In a lot of situations RSDs will be more useful. The sensor booster is needed to get the lock range out past the missile range.

5x Heavy Missile Launcher
1x Large Shield Extender
1x Photon Scattering Field
2x Invulnerability Field
1x Sensor Booster
1x BCS
1x PDS

This fits with engineering/electronics 5, weapon upgrades 3, and shield upgrades 3. Cap stable with non-named gear with 4/4 cap skills. this thing can tank. 21 destroyers stalled for ~12 seconds instead of 2.

MAPC Kestrel

4 launchers, an AB, and a point. 380 damage alpha-strike at 30km with crap missile skills.

4x Standard Missile Launcher
1x 1MN AB (MWD fits too, use it if double-jumping isn't an issue)
1x Stasis Webifier
1x Warp Disruptor
1x Nanofiber Internal Structure

So quickfit says the max range of an MWD kestrel with perfect skills and a small capacitor battery is 70au. I want at least 100 to be able to keep up with inty gangs, so no MWD. Fitting skills can be as low as electronics 3/ engineering 4/ weapon upgrades 4 (I think).