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  • KIATolon
  • Lena Russeu
  • ManTrain1 - 3
  • SavageThrash
  • Thorthegreat
  • Frogsta
  • Drexeh
  • ...many more

Suas actually bought KIATolon from Tolon, so Tolon is not Tolon, Tolon is Suas. Likewise, shutupandshave (suas) used to belong to Kiwillian, but now belongs to Martin Van Buren, so "suas" is not "shutupandshave". Got that?

KIATolon was a fleet commander in the Black Omega Security corporation, a part of the now defunct E.R.A alliance, and the diplomatic liaison between the Goonfleet board of directors and our northern allies. He has since joined Goonfleet, and is one of our best FCs. He's quite good at what he does, but he doesn't suffer fools lightly. Don't mouth off to KIATolon. That's just bad juju.

He has several alts which can be identified by their portrait icon, a goofy looking British fellow with an orange cap, if you have Cube's portrait cache installed.

Recent events have revealed that KIATolon has a singing voice rivaling Whitney Houston, and will eagerly regale all willing and/or unwilling listeners with his renditions of popular music from any decade.

He was instrumental on keeping GoonSwarm on the map during the dark days of the great war. He may have gone fuck goons but without him we wouldn't exist today.


KIATolon is well known for being a drunken master of leading fleet ops and losing covops and freighters full of T2 shit.

If KIATolon were a fantasy storybook character, he would be a booze-infused Gandalf.

Note that if you are a newbie and piss him off, there is a high likelyhood that you will be podded.

He once slept at Stevie G's house (the blonde chick from EVETV with unwashed hair)

He is responsible for the most shobon thing on the internet:

That song, "Little Bees," was then animated by Poluketes, and posted on youtube. Which is REALLY the most shobon thing on the internet:

Other songs:


Regardless of stature, be sure to shutup when he's talking.

"Guys, x up if you theynk Im the best fleet comanda in EVE."
"Go On EEXxx up you lazy fr.."

"Suas currently there is a 200 man hostile fleet warping towards us at ..."

"Shuttup. SHUUT UP."

"4 carriers 3.."


"They're alm."

"I said Shut up. Look. See. When I'm talking right yo.."

"Chowdown is Primary Chow..."

"No. NO. NO! I said when I'm talking you L-IISTEN. Right? Now"
"X up if you think whoever called primary is a faggot and should be podded"

More quotes here:

Appendage: Suas (aka whatever) seems to be mostly inactive now, despite a celebrity appearance on one op, and his continued promises to specops of a nearby return (hence the missing bee)

SUAS' final song

Tolon stole an Erebus from Goonfleet and announced his intention to join with Nync to fight us.

Related thread with DariusJOHNSON's explanation here:

In the words of Hydrosyme:

"Suas was a part of that [our culture] and he contributed immensely. It's too bad he decided that he didn't want to be part of it anymore"

Come Back, Uncle Suas! - Little Bee