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Dungar's Spaceship

Dungar: A Poem

Green beacon in the blue
a voice cries out
dungar delende este
--Martin Van Buren

An Overview

Ask me about jerking off to my own sister, mismanaging wars, shitposting, sounding like a huge fucking nerd on teamspeak, having a dead dad, being universally hated by everyone and being a huge, massive, gargantuan faggot that surpasses any other kind of faggot you've met anywhere ever.

Update, January 2008: Now banned from GF.com.

Update, March 2008: Now in Triumvirate. (Faggot joins an alliance for faggots, water is wet, etc.)

Update, April 2008: Triumvirate failure cascading, Dungar now homeless

Update, June 2008: Dungar's shitty Tri corp joins Pandemic Legion. Is posting again.

Update, March 2009: Let someone else in PL fly his titan while inactive. Asked for it back, didn't get it, got kicked from PL.

Update, August 2009: Dungar signs up for Goon Love Is The Best Love.

Dungar is an object lesson in what happens to people who think Goons are their friends and share all kinds of intimate details with them while being possessed of some annoying feature. People forget that he was actually a faggot who ran 3/10 complexes in lowsec instead of doing the job he asked for, and how he ran behind Remedial any time someone trolled him (usually deadtear). He then joined PL and got run out of that group because they couldn't fucking stand him.

Dungar is a good example of being a "bad poster." He put table-breakingly huge pictures in his signature and incessantly changed his avatar to things that weren't actually funny. Dead convinced he was the funniest poster in Goonfleet, he did nothing but troll the forums constantly. He rarely had a kind word for the Swarm in general and is not missed.

Don't be like Dungar.

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