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Deaken Fiss on TS lastnight:

"Ok, I want everyone in Kilo group on the 97x to make a conga line. C'mon, you know how it's done." (several minutes of bumping Khalleth and conga lines later)

Psilocin: Ok, kilo group head back to y9g station, break up your stupid conga line-
Deaken: My conga line is not STUPID!

Between his accent and his squeaky bee toy that he periodically toots on ts, he is undeniably awesome.

He may have a bladder control problem.

He cannot fall asleep each night unless he has consumed a liter of vodka, which leads Goonfleet scientists to speculate that he may have a drinking problem. Was on hiatus pending him finishing medical school or something.

Deaken Fiss has returned and currently heads the Fleet Commander training program and Fiss Jugend. Vanished silently and mysteriously once again. Hangs out in Rho IRC sometimes.