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A.S. This user has Asperger syndrome.



Skill Requirements
  • Electronic Engineering III+
    • Electronics V
    • Science V
  • Electronics Upgrades V
  • Mechanical Engineering III+
    • Mechanic V
    • Science V
  • Amarr Encryption Methods III+
    • Hacking II
    • Engineering II
  • Industry V

Likes: Neo-folk music, teamspeak, CA, SA, R, Amarr

Dislikes: Regular verbs, cluttered visual real-estate, U, Amarr

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Map Links

Merchi Jump Planner
Verite Rendition's Sovereignty Map
Jump Bridges

Maps Index

"What do I miss about Vio Geraci? I'll tell you" by Brobuck

Very very interesting
Interesting stories
Obscure references

Good voice
Excellent command of the language
Really awesome
Always attentive
Increases the cool ratio of any channel he is in

Come back to me Vio

Snowden Vel on Vio

V. Geraci threads should be sticky,
high-content posting is tricky,
though his style is effete,
nobody can compete,
since no-one else edits the Wiki.

Martin Van Buren on Vio

gold lies piled at his feet
the treasures of lydia and jerusalem do meet
in mixed, shining ecstasy
gleaming now for only him to see

stained by blood, wages of mars
the conquerors eyes are grey and see far
into all the corners of all the worlds
mankind: a play for him unfurls

all is as one in his great sight
perfect paragon of man's might
by his iron throne a beetle stands by
a twitch to kill him yes - but why

From Suffolk Doth (To Vio Geraci's Girlfriend)

Martin Van Buren once wrote a poem to my girlfriend for me: From Suffolk Doth

From Suffolk doth
Come the risen sun
From Suffolk doth
Walk the chastened son
From Suffolk doth
Lead the pilgrims run
From Suffolk doth
March the solemn nun
Whose vespers ring out
Across the countryside
Call sinners to church
And tame the lions pride
From Suffolk doth
One hear the church bells rang
But from Suffolk doth not
Come that bitch I like to bang
Suffolk aint shit
When compared to that lass
Not even its strong city walls
Are as firm as her ass
Booty tasty like bacon
And round like the moon
Its amazing Vikings didn’t steal her
Big bottomed girls is what they do
If I could Id hit it every day
And feel no need to atone
For while I pump on through the Sabbath
God knows the rib isn’t my only bone
See her stroll on through the shepards fold
Milk maids skirt on top an ass don’t quit
I think that if I were to be a monk
Id transubstantiate her ass on to my dick
One day I know that we’ll be joined
In holy matrimony sound
So long as she don’t die before
The fury of my English pound

Rashiro on Vio

every post you make could be replaced with one of the following:

  • "look at how unique I am! give me attention! also I am more unique than you"
  • "I'm better than you because I read poetry and listen to folk music, and X thing is better because it comes from things related to poetry and folk music, IM NOT MAINSTREAM DID I MENTION THAT?"
  • "heh that wasn't serious, i am the master of trolling and gimmicks; now allow me to tell you how cultured I am"
  • "well I'm a director so too bad, GOD why do goons hate directors?"
  • there's certainly more substance to your posting but when the frills are allowed to cook off, the remainder is always one of the above
  • then let's see: you continually abuse your forum powers and thrive on the fact that you're a director which couples well with your general superiority complex
  • your official role is being an oz-esque flying monkey for the mittani, whom you've been channeling in your posting for months, and you're one thread about being a master of psychology away from getting everyone to dislike you for all the same reasons they dislike him
  • elitism on an internet spaceships forum is best left as ironic vio, something you don't really understand, and I am surprised it comes as a shock to you that given the option people would rather not read your posting given every "squad" subforum you visit points you in the direction of the door
  • oh and because were i to make a post like this outside of the new "special interest group" rhosquad has become, there's a decent chance you'd set me read only for it

WimSei Wrote a Poem For Some Great Reason

Once upon a time a team of leaders lead the swarm,
their legacy was without question, they were all goon-born.
They all came from a great place, a once respected forum,
which once had notoriety for files and for porn.

But with time the blood did thin, and our connections frayed.
And one of them, named Vio, oft caused strife, and people say,
that no one could tell whether was neutered or was spayed,
or if his running gimmick was to claim that he was gay.

Still Vio did do plenty, and the wiki's where it showed,
for prior to the Vio's efforts, new content was slowed.
The tattered corners of each page was thick with ancient mould,
but Vio, ever diligent, encased each scroll he rolled.

But as strong an editor, his modding was oft weak,
and questioned of his efforts, dirt was what he'd often seek.
His reply was a question back, with a personal leak,
describing often wrongly why the caller was a freak.

Unchecked in his power, he became a forum star.
but he was criticized for often taking it too far.
His scope was long forgotten, as our counter-intel czar
Guarding us from those who'd sip Mojito's at our bar.

RedlegSA's A Day In The Life Of Vio

BiaXia turned to Vio, visibly annoyed. "Do you think you could put down that paper for one second and talk with me, its the least you can do since I made you coffee this morning" BiaXia snapped. Vio distractedly lowered his paper and muttered "what sweetie?". "Look" BiaXia said with an ominous tone "we need to talk". Vio sighed as he folded his paper and snatched his coffee, glaring at BiaXia as he gulped some down. "Well, what is it then, lets hear it" said Vio. "Its about Yao Ying, I have some concerns and I need you to listen to me on this" said BiaXia trying to calm his voice, but not succeeding entirely, "he is looking for a sponsor and he keeps bothering me about it". Vio changed from annoyed to angry in a flash "has he been hitting on you again, I swear to god I wont share you!" snapped Vio. "No no no nothing like that, he hasn't done that in months, he is just bugging people about being their sponsor, including me" said BiaXia, trying to defuse a increasingly agitated Vio. Vio growled, then became eerily serene and he slowly rose and walked to the badroom silently, with each step becoming more resolute. BiaXia, becoming alarmed, followed Vio to the bedroom, normally a haven of affection and love now became a scene of horror. Vio had retrieved the shotgun and was loading it as BiaXia walked in. "Vio, baby, no dont" stammered BiaXia, "You dont want to do this, you dont need to do this please baby". Vio looked at BiaXia disgustedly "if you didn't dress like a slut all the time this wouldent be a problem, you always do this, you aren't talking me out of this this time do you hear me" said Vio as he pushed BiaXia out of the doorway and stormed out of the house. "Oh god" thought BiaXia, "what have I done" and he crumpled on the floor and sobbed as he waited for Vio to return, hoping he would come to his senses before he got to the home of Yao Ying, but knowing in his heart he probably wouldn't...

Everybody Loves Vio

Hello, My name is Alexandra (RL). I don't want to join your corp/alliance, I'm too new to EVE. I would just like to thank you and your members or simply he or she who built the goonfleet wiki for the most impartial description of EVE online. There is no need to reply to this mail, it is merely a token of appreciation. Best wishes, Alexandra.

Trip Reports

"I knew vio was a gay man because he was always so polite talking to me." --theadj

"vio your time is like the third most precious resource in GS." --Graham

"imagine what it would feel like if you became so aware of irony that you were crippled like deniro in awakenings" --Schlieren Altiprayle

"basically what I'm trying to say is that making you a director is one of the poorer choices Darius made." --Khefron

"unfortunately vio is a raging vagina who was caught with yolk on his face." --Salvadore Freddo

"you can't fire me; i have tenure!" --Vio

I sometimes write A Society Column

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