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There is no God but Allah, and Karttoon is his prophet. CEO of Goonfleet.

Karttoon first rose to notoriety by prosecuting and perfecting suicide ganking, beginning a one-man jihad in empire that snowballed into a huge brouhaha and forced CCP to change suicide ganking mechanics, as well as skewing ice prices throughout empire and infuriating many empire-dwellers.

He's a swell fella.

[17:34] Elizabeth: scorched leader just convo'd my diplo about terms of surrender
[17:35] Here are the terms
[17:35] Set pod for empire
[17:35] Self destruct
[17:35] Surrender complete
[17:36] Elizabeth: lol are you serious?
[17:37] Yes

basically killed goonswarm by being an afk and tinfoil hat wearing shitdick