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30 Day Pilot's License

What is it?

The PLEX system is a new addition to the GTC (Time Cards) trading mechanic that has been in place since history began.


Since CCP's timecodes are now split into 60- and 90-day varieties, the PLEX system enables 30-day game time extensions to be traded as an in-game item.

How does it work?

Apply Pilot's License

CCP's guide: http://support.eve-online.com/Pages/KB/Article.aspx?id=493

  1. Buy a 60 or 90-day timecode from Shattered Crystal
  2. In game, head over to the Options dialog by pressing ESC.
  3. Click the "Convert ETC" button at the bottom left, next to "Your Petitions"
  4. Type in your timecode number
  5. You will then receive a number of 30 Day Pilot's License items. This is dependent on what sort of GTC you bought. If you got a 60-day GTC, you get 2, if you got a 90-day, you get 3. Simple.
  6. The PLEXes will appear in the hangar of whatever station you are docked at.
  7. A ship cannot undock with a PLEX in its hold or corp hangar. Make sure you're docked at the station you intend to sell the PLEX at before you push buttan.

After you've done that, just put them up for sale like any other item or apply them to yourself by right clicking them and selecting "Apply 30 Day Pilot's License"