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Teamspeak Overlay

Download it here[1]. You will need Teamspeak, TSO, EVE, and a version of Windows older than Vista (the installer WILL NOT RUN on Vista, at least for beta #63).

What is TSO?

This section shamelessly stolen from "TeamSpeak Overlay (TSO) is an Application designed to be use with TeamSpeak, that allows players to "see" who is speaking. TSO is an addition to your HUD that allows you to see who is talking without having to switch out of the game."

How does it work?

TSO works by overlaying a list of the current speakers into the games window, over the top of the game thats running. It does this by directly hooking the DirectX or OpenGL APIs. It then "reads" the Teamspeak Window, to obtain the current speakers. It then draws this on top of the running game. What are the requirements for TSO?

   * Windows 2000 or Windows XP - SP2 now supported
     (Windows 98/ME do not have the required features and are not supported)
   * DirectX 9.0b or 9.0c
   * TeamSpeak 2 RC2
   * Nvidia ForceWare Drivers 53.04 or newer
   * or ATI Catalyst Drivers 4.3 or newer

Making TSO work with EVE

Make sure EVE is not running. If EVE is running before TSO, TSO will not work.

OK, now with that out of the way, let us get down to business. Run TS. Run TSO. Take note of the warning about signing in to TSO. Click "Options" in TSO and enter your exact name on TS. For example, my name is GF - V Ursinus. Don't forget the GF. Now click the "Displays" tab. Set "Speaker List" to whatever corner you desire. I recommend Top-Right. Fuck around in here, enabling/disabling the other displays. When you have gotten that out of your system, click the "Debug" tab and enable "Use Alternative DirectX Method. This is what makes TSO and EVE like each other. Don't forget this.

Click Done. Click Enable. Click Hide. Run EVE.



This is a beta, which means it has some bugs. So, number one, don't quit/disable TSO before logging off EVE, or it will log you off. While I haven't had any trouble switching around in windowed mode, this doesn't mean it won't shit a kitten when you tab into another DirectX program. Same thing applies to fullscreen. Bottom line: you should be fine tabbing into EVEMon, TS, or Firefox/IE to read the forums. Anything else, I have no clue.

Teamspeak Overlay Doesn't Work!!

For those of you having issues with TSO, or if you use Vista (32bit or 64bit), try Team Speak Display. It's pretty simple and seems to work more often than not. You can find its webpage here![2]