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Note that if you actually use 90% of these phrases in TS, you will be ridiculed to the point of tears.

Prowords speed the handling of radio messages by abbreviating single word or phrases to replace common words, phrases, sentences, and even paragraphs. Among other things, knowing and using Prowords help to reduce radio traffic by performing radio transmissions efficiently. The following table contains the most common Prowords used.

  • ROGER - I have heard and understood your transmission. (Probably safe to use on TS)
  • WILCO - I have heard and understood your instructions, and will comply with them.
  • OVER - I have finished my transmissions and turn the channel over to you to transmit.
  • CLEAR - I am finished with this communication and am standing by on the channel.
  • OUT - I have completed transmission and am completely finished and closing this station or switching to another channel.
  • NEGATIVE - No.
  • CORRECT - You are correct, or what you have transmitted is correct.
  • CORRECTION - An error has been made in this transmission. Transmission will continue with the last word correctly sent. The correct version is...
  • ETA - Estimated time of arrival. (Safe to use on TS)
  • ETD - Estimated time of departure.
  • ETR - Estimated time of return or repair.
  • FROM - The originator of this message.
  • I SPELL - I shall spell the next word phonetically.
  • OPS NORMAL - Used to say the patrol is normal in all respects, “operations normal\xE2\x80\x9D.
  • I SAY AGAIN - I am repeating transmission or the portion indicated
  • REQUEST YOU SAY AGAIN - you should repeat your transmission or the portion indicated.
  • SILENCE - (Spoken 3 times and pronounced SEE LONS) Cease all transmissions immediately. Silence will be maintained until lifted. Used to clear routine transmissions from a channel only when an emergency is in progress. (The word Check is used to convey this concept by most fleet commanders. Tolon uses the phrase SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU FUCKING SHIT CUNTS which takes longer but is often more effective. "Shut-up, shut up, shut-up" usually works too.)
  • SILENCE FINI - (Pronounced SEE LONS FEE NEE) Silence is lifted. Indicates the end of an emergency and resumption of normal traffic.
  • THIS IS - This transmission is from the station whose designator immediately follows.
  • TO - The addressees immediately following are addressed for action.
  • WAIT - I must pause for a few seconds.
  • WAIT OUT - I must pause longer than a few seconds.
  • WORD AFTER - The word to which I have reference is that which follows.
  • WORD - The word to which make reference is that which BEFORE precedes.
  • WRONG - Your last transmission was not correct. The correct version is...
  • WARP TO TOLON - Warp to Tolon or get podded, faggot.

This is not a comprehensive list. A comprehensive list can be found here

Other words often heard on TS

  • Me and/or I - as in "the enemy is here, warp to me" or "I'm 50k away from them". WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU? THERE'S NO 'ME'/'I' IN THE FLEET LIST. Say your name so everyone knows who the fuck's talking and what the fuck's up. Jesus.
  • Don't jump - as in "don't jump through the gate". Problem is, most idiots will hear the word 'jump' and go through. Don't say "Don't jump."
  • Gate is ______ - either RED or GREEN. Use this instead of Jump/Don't jump.