Nanite Control

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Nanite Control
Proficiency at reducing the severity of the side effects experienced upon injection of combat boosters.
Primary Attribute Intelligence
Secondary Attribute Memory
Time Multiplier 2x
Side effect modifier -5%
Required Skills
Primary N/A
Secondary N/A
Tertiary N/A
From Empire N/A ISK
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Nanite Control decreases the severity of booster side effects by 5% per level. This skill is not seeded on the market but does drop in certain exploration sites. Its rarity demands prices around 200-300m, so players should only consider training Nanite Control if they want to maximize the benefit of boosters. Having Biology trained first to V is a good idea.

Nanite Control is a prerequisite for Neurotoxin Recovery, which is fortunately much cheaper to acquire. See Combat Boosters for more information.

Required Skills



Level 3: