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Skill at operating long range scanners. Adds one scan group per level.
Primary Attribute Intelligence
Secondary Attribute Memory
Time Multiplier 3x
Required Skills
Primary N/A
Secondary N/A
Tertiary N/A
From Empire N/A ISK
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Astrometrics is the basic skill required to use the scan probe system, used for probing out enemy ships and exploration sites, and to perform moon surveying.


Level I:

  • Core Probe Launcher I.
  • Core Scanner Probe
  • You may deploy up to four probes, with each subsequent level enabling one additional probe. Please see Apocrypha for more details.

Level II:

  • Expanded Probe Launcher I
  • Combat Scanner Probe I

(Some probes only require Astrometrics I, but cannot be used except in an Expanded Probe Launcher I)

Level III:

  • Warp Disrupt Probe.
  • Quest Survey Probe I & Discovery Survey Probe I (with Survey III).
Skills: Astrometric Acquisition

Level IV:

Skills: Astrometric Pinpointing.

Level V: Deep Space Scanner Probe I

Skills: Jump Portal Generation (with Science V, Jump Drive Operation V).

Required Skills