Warp Drive Operation

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Warp Drive Operation
Skill at managing warp drive efficiency. Each skill level reduces the capacitor need of initiating warp by 10%.
Primary Attribute Intelligence
Secondary Attribute Peception
Time Multiplier 1x
Warp Capacitor Need Bonus -10%
Required Skills
Primary Navigation I
Secondary N/A
Tertiary N/A
From Empire N/A ISK
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Warp Drive Operation is an essential skill that increases the distance your ship can warp. Failing to train this will cause you to double or triple jump through large systems, which conquerable 0.0 space is full of.

Warp Distance Formula max warp distance = (total cap) / (mass x (1-.1x WDO level) x warpcapacitorneed) where warpcapacitor need is a stat found in database dumps, such as at http://eve.coldfront.net/db/


Level I: Tech I warp core stabilizers.

Level IV: Warp Core Stabilizer II

Level V:

Skills: Jump Drive Operation (with Navigation V, Science V).