Missile Launcher Operation

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Missile Launcher Operation
Basic operation of missile launcher systems. 2% Bonus to missile launcher rate of fire per skill level.
Primary Attribute Perception
Secondary Attribute Willpower
Time Multiplier 1x
Rate of Fire Bonus -2%
Required Skills
Primary N/A
Secondary N/A
Tertiary N/A
From Empire N/A ISK
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Missile Launcher Operation is the basic requirement for all missile related skills. Training increase rate of fire per level, as well as unlocking heavier missile skills and many support skills to increase missile range and damage.


Level I: All tech I missile & scan probe launchers (fitting only).

Skills: Missile Bombardment, Rockets, Rocket Specialization (with Rockets V).

Level II: Rocket launcher II (with Rocket Specialization I).

Skills: Standard Missiles, FoF Missiles, Defender Missiles, Target Navigation Prediction, Rapid Launch.

Level III: Standard & assault missile launcher II (with Standard Missile Specialization I).

Skills: Missile Projection. Heavy Missiles & Heavy Assault Missiles (with Standard Missiles III).
Minmatar Offensive Systems (with Gunnery V)

Level IV: Heavy missile launcher II (with Heavy Missile Specialization I). Heavy assault missile launcher II (with Heavy Assault Missile Specialization I). Siege launcher II (with Torpedo Specialization I).

Skills: Warhead Upgrades, Torpedoes (with Heavy Missiles III).

Level V: Tech II rockets, light, heavy, heavy assault & cruise missiles, and torpedoes.

Skills: Guided Missile Precision, Cruise Missiles (with Heavy Missiles III), Citadel Torpedoes (with Torpedoes V).
Caldari Offensive Systems (with Gunnery III)