Salvaging (skill)

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Proficiency at salvaging ship wrecks. Required skill for the use of salvager modules. 5% increase in chance of salvage retrieval per level.
Primary Attribute intelligence
Secondary Attribute memory
Time Multiplier 3.0x
Access Difficulty Bonus 5%
Required Skills
Primary Mechanic III
Secondary Survey III
Tertiary N/A
From Empire N/A ISK
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The skill required for fitting salvager modules, used for salvaging of rig components from wrecks. Taking this to level 3 will allow you to salvage the wrecks of T2 and faction spawn ships, giving you T2 rig components. Level 5 will allow you to use the Salvager II, which has a 6000m range (up from 5000m for the Salvager I) and allows you to harvest salvage from Sleepers (presumably).


Level I: Salvager I

Level V: Salvager II