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Basic turret operation skill. 2% bonus to weapon turrets' rate of fire per skill level.
Primary Attribute Perception
Secondary Attribute Willpower
Time Multiplier 1x
Turret Speed Bonus -2%
Required Skills
Primary N/A
Secondary N/A
Tertiary N/A
From Empire 18,000 ISK
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Gunnery is a basic skill that is required to use all turret based weapons. Training this skill increases your rate of fire, as well as allowing access to skills for larger weapons for cruisers and battleships, and many support skills to improve your damage output.


Level I:

Skills: Small Hybrid Turret, Small Projectile Turret, Small Energy Turret.

Level II:

Skills: Rapid Firing, Sharpshooter, Motion Prediction, Controlled Bursts, Weapon Upgrades.

Level III:

Skills: Medium Hybrid Turret (with Small Hybrid Turret III), Medium Projectile Turret (with Small Projectile Turret III), Medium Energy Turret (with Small Energy Turret III).
Caldari Offensive Systems (with Missile Launcher Operation V)

Level IV:

Skills: Trajectory Analysis, Surgical Strike.

Level V:

Skills: Large Hybrid Turret (with Medium Hybrid Turret III), Large Projectile Turret (with Medium Projectile Turret III), Large Energy Turret (with Medium Energy Turret III).
Capital Hybrid Turret (with Large Hybrid Turret V), Capital Projectile Turret (with Large Projectile Turret V), Capital Energy Turret (with Large Energy Turret V).
Amarr Offensive Systems and Gallente Offensive Systems (with Drones III)
Minmatar Offensive Systems (with Missile Launcher Operation III)