Controlled Bursts

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Controlled Bursts
Allows better use over the control of weapon turrets. Grants a 5% per level reduction in the capacitor use of weapon turrets.
Primary Attribute Perception
Secondary Attribute Willpower
Time Multiplier 2x
Turret capacitor use -5%
Required Skills
Primary Gunnery II
Secondary N/A
Tertiary N/A
From Empire 63,000 ISK
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Controlled Bursts reduces the cap usage of all your weapons. It's very helpful for Amarr pilots, as energy weapons basically use your ship's capacitor as its ammo, but of no use for Minmatar pilots, as projectile weapons use no cap. As missile launchers also do not use cap, Caldari pilots will not find this to be a major priority (unless they make use of the Rokh or Eagle). Gallente pilots that plan on shooting a lot of hybrids, rather than releasing bees of doom, will find it useful, however.