Energy Grid Upgrades

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Energy Grid Upgrades
Skill at installing power upgrades e.g. capacitor battery and power diagnostic units. 5% reduction in CPU needs of modules requiring Energy Grid Upgrades per skill level.
Primary Attribute intelligence
Secondary Attribute memory
Time Multiplier 2x
cpuNeedBonus -5%
Required Skills
Primary Engineering II
Secondary Science I
Tertiary N/A
From Empire 71,100 ISK
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Energy Grid Upgrades allows the use of various modules related to capacitor and shield regeneration. It also allows the use of RCUs and PDSes, useful for extending your ship's powergrid. Training to at least level II is recommended. Level V is often important for T2 sniper Battleship Pilots due to the extreme power grid needs of large T2 turrets.


Level I:

  • Basic capacitor power relays, shield flux coils, capacitor flux coils, reactor control units and power diagnostic systems.
  • Micro, small, medium, large, and XL tech I capacitor batteries.

Level II:

  • Basic Capacitor Recharger.
  • Tech I capacitor rechargers, shield flux coils, reactor control units, capacitor power relays, power diagnostic systems, and shield power relays.
  • Micro and Small Capacitor Battery II.

Level III:

  • Cap Recharger II, Medium Capacitor Battery II.

Level IV:

  • Tech I & tech II capacitor flux coils. Shield Flux Coil II, Shield Power Relay II, Capacitor Power Relay II, Power Diagnostic System II, Large Capacitor Battery II.

Level V: