Electronics Upgrades

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Electronics Upgrades
Skill at installing Electronic upgrades, e.g. signal amplifier, Co-Processors and backup sensor array. 5% reduction of sensor upgrade CPU needs per skill level.
Primary Attribute Intelligence
Secondary Attribute Memory
Time Multiplier 2x
CPU Need Bonus -5%
Required Skills
Primary Electronics II
Secondary Engineering II
Tertiary N/A
From Empire 90,000 ISK
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Electronics Upgrades is required for fitting co-processors (which boost your ship CPU), and the rarely used signal amplifiers and sensor backup arrays. However, most people training it do so because it is a prerequirement for Covert Ops frigates.


Level I: Signal amplifiers, backup sensor arrays, co-processors.

Level III: Tech II backup sensor arrays.

Skills: Hacking (with Science III).

Level IV: Co-processor II.

Level V: Signal amplifier II. Covert Ops and Electronic Attack Ships (with Spaceship Command III).