Heavy Drone Operation

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Heavy Drone Operation
Skill at controlling heavy combat drones. 5% Bonus to heavy drone damage per level.
Primary Attribute Memory
Secondary Attribute Perception
Time Multiplier 5x
Damage Multiplier Bonus 5%
Required Skills
Primary Drones V
Secondary N/A
Tertiary N/A
From Empire 342,000 ISK
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Heavy Drone Operation allows the use of larger drones. Heavy drones require 25m3 of space and are usually only used on larger ships such as battleships. Pilots wishing to specialize in larger ships such as the Dominix will find this skill especially useful, while pilots specializing in smaller-hulled ships will not.


Level I: Tech 1 Heavy Drones

Level V: Tech 2 Heavy Drones (with Racial Drone Specialization IV)