Electronic Warfare Drone Interfacing

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Electronic Warfare Drone Interfacing
Allows operation of electronic warfare drones. 3000m drone control range bonus per level.
Primary Attribute Memory
Secondary Attribute Perception
Time Multiplier 5x
Drone Control Range Bonus 3000[m]
Required Skills
Primary Drones V
Secondary Electronic Warfare (skill) IV
Tertiary N/A
From Empire 360,000 ISK
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Electronic Warfare Drone Interfacing allows the use of electronic warfare drones.

Each race has a complement of light, medium and heavy EW drones corresponding to racial electronic warfare. EW drones have the advantage of operating up to maximum drone control range, usually further than the corresponding EW module on non-bonused hulls. However, sacrificing drone DPS to accommodate EW drones is generally not recommended, as they cannot be relied upon to survive.

The skill itself, however, has a 3km drone control range bonus per skill level which applies to all drones. Therefore training this skill is highly recommended for drone users, even if they never use EW drones.


Level I: Light EW Drones (xx-300 Series)

Level II: Medium EW Drones (xx-600 Series)

Level III: Heavy EW Drones (xx-900 Series)

Additionally, each type of EW drone requires a corresponding EW skill: