Caldari Drone Specialization

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Caldari Drone Specialization
Specialization in the operation of advanced Caldari drones. 2% bonus to advanced Caldari drone damage per level.
Primary Attribute Memory
Secondary Attribute Perception
Time Multiplier 5x
Damage Multiplier Bonus 2%
Required Skills
Primary Drones V
Secondary N/A
Tertiary N/A
From Empire N/A ISK
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Caldari Drone Specialization is one of four racial drone specialization skills. Each racial skill allows the use of one type of tech 2 light and medium drones. Tech 2 drones requiring this skill deal kinetic damage.


Level I: Hornet II (with Scout Drone Operation V)

Level II: Vespa II (with Scout Drone Operation V)

Level IV: Wasp II (with Heavy Drone Operation V)