Amarr Drone Specialization

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Amarr Drone Specialization
Specialization in the operation of advanced Amarr drones. 2% bonus to advanced Amarr drone damage per level.
Primary Attribute Memory
Secondary Attribute Perception
Time Multiplier 5x
Damage Multiplier Bonus 2%
Required Skills
Primary Drones V
Secondary N/A
Tertiary N/A
From Empire N/A ISK
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Amarr Drone Specialization is one of four racial drone specialization skills. Each racial skill allows the use of one type of tech 2 light and medium drones. Tech 2 drones requiring this skill deal electromagnetic damage. They also suck, because Amarr drones have such a low damage mod that in most cases where the target is weak to EM Gallente drones still manage to outdamage them. Training this skill gives you space AIDS. Get Ogre IIs.


Level I: Acolyte II (with Scout Drone Operation V)

Level II: Infiltrator II (with Scout Drone Operation V)

Level IV: Praetor II (with Heavy Drone Operation V)