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Combat Booster drugs were introduced in Revelations. They function like temporary implants, also having a booster slot. Each drug has four different variants: Synth, Standard, Improved and Strong. Beneficial modifiers and the chance of deleterious side-effects increase with the Improved and Strong versions, while Synth versions have no side effects but marginal effects. With the exception of Synth, all boosters are illegal and will get confiscated in highsec.


Using Combat Boosters

The Biology skill is needed to use Boosters. Level I for Standard or Synth, II for Improved and III for Strong. The duration of drug effects is 30 minutes, with an extra six minutes for each level of Biology you have trained.

To use a combat booster simply right click a dose in your cargo hold, and select 'Consume'. The modifiers to your abilities appear under the augmentations portion of your character sheet, and using multiple doses seems to have both a stacking penalty and a dramatically increased chance of side effects. Interestingly enough, one may consume Combat Boosters while cloaked, whether from a module or jumping a gate.

As mentioned, most boosters have a set chance of incurring side effects; 20%, 30%, and 40% for standard, improved, and strong, respectively. Several or all of the listed side effects may occur at once. Nanite Control reduces the penalties by 5% per level when they are incurred. Neurotoxin Recovery, which requires Nanite Control I, reduces the chance of side effects happening by 5% per level. For example, at level II, it will take a standard booster from 20% to 18%, or from 1/5 to ~1/5.55 chance of drawback. While you have several slots, boosters do not mix well. E.g., if you take a turret optimal range booster, and then take a booster that has an optimal range penalty, the second booster will automatically counteract the first. Booster slots prevent you from the most obvious ways to get around booster side effects - e.g. taking a mindflood and if you get a armor repair penalty, taking a exile to counteract it.

Combat Booster Legality

With the exception of the Synth varieties, Boosters are illegal for all Empire factions, the Sisters of EVE and ORE. This means that you run the risk of having them confiscated and your ship attacked by Customs agents if you try smuggling them into Empire. Note that if you are under the effects of a booster (but not carrying any) and you travel into empire, you will not run into trouble with the law. Just like in the US.

Manufacturing Combat Boosters

A Medium Biochemical Reactor Array POS structure is used to manufacture Boosters. You need Drug Manufacturing (obtained from Exploring encounters and now from pirate NPC stations), and booster reactions obtained from Radar exploration sites. The ingredients used for Boosters are refined from Gas Clouds in COSMOS constellations, using Gas Cloud Harvester modules that are also obtained from COSMOS complexes and from BPO's also located in pirate NPC stations. Higher quality Boosters use gas products from multiple regions in the game. For a detailed explanation of the booster manufacturing process, read Manufacturing Boosters, An Example. Synth boosters are made with gas obtainable only in Lowsec systems.

Varieties of Combat Boosters

Name Booster Slot Bonus Drawback 1 Drawback 2 Drawback 3 Drawback 4 Regional Ingredient
Blue Pill 1 Shield Boost Shield Capacity Optimal Range Explosion Velocity Capacitor Capacity Vale of the Silent
Crash 3 Explosion Radius Velocity Shield Boost Missile Velocity Armor HP Tenal
Drop 2 Tracking Speed Shield Capacity Falloff Velocity Armor Repair Cloud Ring
Exile 1 Armor Repair Explosion Radius Tracking Speed Armor HP Capacitor Capacity Fountain
Frentix 2 Optimal Range Shield Boost Tracking Speed Velocity Armor HP Catch
Mindflood 1 Capacitor Capacity Shield Boost Explosion Radius Optimal Range Armor Repair Delve
Sooth Sayer 2 Falloff Shield Boost Armor Repair Optimal Range Velocity Wicked Creek
X-Instinct 1 Signature Radius Shield Capacity Falloff Missile Velocity Armor HP Feythabolis

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