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Allahu Akbar
Squad Name الجهاد سربسرب
Sheikh Karttoon
Commander Kal Ora
Squad Channel JihadSwarm
Squad Creation Date 17th February 2008
Government Insurgency
Political Ideology Islam
Squad Headquarters Ikao

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JihadSwarm - Massive Holocaust of High-Sec Jews

Rape Train Haven't Brakes

JihadSwarm is a group of organized space terrorists, whose primary objective is to inflict suffering and unwavering terror upon the infidels of empire, even if doing so requires personal sacrifice of ships and ISK. Allah calls upon his warriors to destroy all non-believers in a forceful thrust of suicidal rape. You must save them, and give your security status to Mohammed today! As a bonus, the end result of our constant destruction has some strategic significance to the swarm. All methods of jihadding have the ability to turn a profit, it depends on how much effort you want to put into it. Smartbombing Hulks and Mackinaws yield tech 2 wrecks which can be looted and salvaged for a considerable profit. Mission Runner Ganking is typically targeted at high value targets which drop loot in the realm of 1-2b and hostilely taking over a corporation can provide various results. In general, jihadding is as or more profitable than ratting.


  • Always say "ALLAHU ACKBAR" or some derivative in local after getting a kill.
  • Set the name of your ship to الجهاد سربسرب
  • If possible, use a covops for a warpin
  • Do not engage if concord is present at a belt from a previous gank (if they are present but more than 150km away you can engage like they weren't there)
  • Do not engage until your ship is within optimal range of the target and at a complete stop (or your tracking will be fucked)
  • It is important that everyone fires at exactly the same time
  • Do not change or add a setup without killing at least one hulk with that setup.
  • Withholding any chatlog porn is directly against the will of Allah and Muhammed's teachings
  • Unless you have a covops with a ship scanner, you or someone in your group needs to fit one.
  • If you are in a battleship, fit target painter(s).
  • Bind the Engage Drones command to a key so you don't waste time having to click engage drones. You can do it by pressing escape and finding Engage Drones in the Shortcuts tab.


I can't stress the importance of communication enough. Without it, we are a bunch of unorganized radicals. Together, we are an Army.

  • Jabber: JihadSwarm
  • Ingame: Mujahedeen
  • Teamspeak: JihadSwarm


Classic Jihad

The simplest form of jihadding and one of the most common, classic jihadding involves packing a ship of your choice to the brim with targeted weapons and blasting a victim into oblivion before CONCORD has their way with you. You can find ship setups, locations and tips/tricks here. Be sure to post successful jihad stories in this thread.

Mad Bombers

A modified form of the classic jihad, mad bombing is a mass-casualty producing method of destruction. For this reason, it is a little more advanced and requires two characters to properly perform. Two characters must be used because you will soon reach -10 when carrying out mad bombing and you will need someone to move your bomber into place. Instead of equipping targeted weapons, mad bombers equip smartbombs which allow you to put damage on an area of targets. A single individual can easily take out clumps of mackinaws without breaking a sweat. In the aftermath, a scooper can come in and loot/salvage the leftover wrecks and make a considerable profit. Check out mad bombing here; post your stories here.

10 Hour Hero

The idea is simple. Roll a new character, spend about 500k isk and 10 hours training it, and then join a terrible corp of mouth breathing pubbies in empire. The reason for subjecting yourself to this ordeal is thus: When you join a non-NPC corp you can attack members of your own corp without CONCORD getting in the way. Cue a new age of tears and angry e-honour types claiming that they will hunt you down until the servers are shut off... or at least until they have found something else to be angry and e-honourish about. The best thing about 10-Hour Heroes is the amount of tears one can generate in a very short amount of time. With other jihad methods, you risk losing tears because the victim gets podded, but here you get easy access via corp chat. It's also funny that most people think being Muslim is a bannable offense. Check out the 10 Hour Hero and post stories here.

Reverse 10 Hour Hero

While the Reverse 10 Hour Hero is still a new idea to JihadSwarm, it is relatively easy to employ. If you have an alt corp (or a corp stolen through a hostile takeover) you can recruit haulers, miners etc and then kill them once they arrive. Putting advertisements in recruitment channel for contract freighting (with a moderately high reward) is a good way to find victims. Be creative with what you do with a victim once they join your corp - create a contract with high collateral, have them fly 30 jumps just to get ganked, whatever. Multiple freighters have died to the Reverse 10 Hour Hero. Coordinate attacks for this on Jabber.

Mission Runner Ganking

Ganking mission runners is a sport similar to that of hunting - you find a target worthy of your attention, scout it out and when the time is right, strike. Though it has been accomplished with only 7 people, on average, it takes 8-10 people to kill a mission runner. With the advent of Dominion, theory suggests that its possible to take out a mission runner with only 5 Maelstroms (or similar flavor battleship). The typical target is worth about 1-2b ISK, and it is not uncommon to make about 80-100m per person, per gank in a 10-man fleet. We often post op threads on the JihadSwarm forum for mission runner ganks. If you want to coordinate a gank on the spot, check in Jabber - there is always people available willing to lend a hand. For offensive jihad operations, this is the best bang for your buck in regards to security status loss. Read more about Mission Runner Ganking.

Freighter Ganking

High-sec freighters are frequently left on autopilot carrying billions worth of goods. With a fleet of 20 people (or 35-40 for a jump freighter), they can be neutralized. These ops are a little more rare than mission runner ganks, but employ the same fittings. The best gank is where you destroy a freighter carrying multiple courier contracts - not only do you ruin his day, but that of all of the contractors as well. Check the JihadSwarm forum for more information on ganking freighters.

Hostile Takeover

To perform a hostile takeover, you are essentially a spy, someone who acts out something they are not. Whether you infiltrate a corporation through a scam or normal recruiting procedures, your final goal is to seize the assets, liquidity and if possible, the entire corporation or alliance in question. It's amazing how easily this can be accomplished through corporation/alliance merger scams. Pubbie corps are usually more than willing to give out director roles to a director/CEO in a merger. Once that happens, it's time to execute order 66. Learn how to here.


The world of EVE is full of gullible people; take advantage of them. From recruitment scamming to buy order recycling, there's a vast array of possibilities available to you. Being in an alliance that doesn't openly recruit gives you an advantage over other scam artists. For more ideas, head over to the recruitment scamming megathread here.

Security Status

  • Because of the way Security Status is computed, it's more efficient to bounce between -4.00 and 0.00 than between -2.00 and +2.00.
  • Killing a pod lowers your sec status dramatically, so don't do it. This is why smartbombing is generally a bad way to kill miners unless you like ratting up sec status or plan to live below -5 (see Mad Bombers).
  • If a ship has combat drones out, they will usually auto-target you back when you start firing and you won't incur the sec hit for the kill.
  • If your Security Status drops below -2.00 you will start to have problems entering high-sec systems.
  • Remember that Concord will never shoot pods regardless of your security status but other players can kill your pod with impunity if you have a sec status of -5.0 or lower.
  • If available, use an alt in a neutral corp that can move ships around higher security systems that you can not enter (this also helps get past war decs). Do not insure your ship until it is in your possession as it is not transferable.


Destruction by CONCORD will be the end of every suicide success or failure.

The time it takes CONCORD to show up in a system depends on the sec status of the system. Since the Empyrean Age 1.1 patch CONCORD arrives much more rapidly, especially in systems above 0.8 security status. Current best response time estimates are listed on the CONCORD page.

If you are new at jihadding, start out by ganking in an 0.5 system. Additionally, be sure to prep the system before hand.

To prep a system:

  • Bring a rookie ship (on a character you don't care about, even a new character) over to the system you intend to gank in.
  • Fly to an asteroid belt (not the belt you plan to gank in) and shoot any random ship (the target does not need to die). You can even shoot your jihad character's ship at a planet.
  • CONCORD will spawn and kill you. The system is now prepped, which will add about another 6 seconds to the response time during your gank.


1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLFbuMILmnI - Karttoon on a week long solo Jihad of Misneden prior to the organization of JihadSwarm.

2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2m-BO8yJ47A&fmt=22 - Official JihadSwarm video - October 2009 video compilation of the JihadSwarm attack on Jatate/NER, mission runners, freighters, strategic cruisers and Mackinaws.

3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=858ARtV4M9w - Karttoon killing an Orca.

4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a03AA0ikeI8 - Official JihadSwarm video - Made from the first 5 days of Jihading with footage from the first video.

Target Locations

Here is a compilation of systems you should be ganking in. This is not a complete list, but it should keep you occupied for a long time. The typical strategy is to move from region to region (after a couple days of ganking in one area). This allows the targets in the systems to replenish.

Be sure to check out DotLan Maps to find systems grouped together in the area you want to hit.

The Forge

Hub: Jita

System Security Status Jumps From Hub Ice Other Details
Josameto0.62 JumpsNo
Itamo0.62 JumpsNo
Otela0.53 JumpsYes
Saatuban0.53 JumpsNo
Poinen0.63 JumpsNo
Mitsolen0.63 JumpsYes
Osmon0.76 JumpsYesHas 3 ice belts, great to kill Mackinaws in
Hampinen0.57 JumpsNo
Ikami0.58 JumpsNo
Wuos0.68 JumpsNoDead-end system
Silen0.511 JumpsNo

The Citadel

Hub: Jita

System Security Status Jumps From Hub Ice Other Details
Halaima0.74 JumpsYes
Kamio0.75 JumpsYes


Hub: Jita

System Security Status Jumps From Hub Ice Other Details
Akonoinen0.54 JumpsNo
Arvasaras0.54 JumpsYes
Autaris0.54 JumpsNo
Sotrienta0.54 JumpsNo
Piekura0.54 JumpsYes
Umokka0.64 JumpsNo
Raussinen0.55 JumpsNo


Hub: Rens

System Security Status Jumps From Hub Ice Other Details
Abudban0.71 JumpYes
Emolgranlan0.56 JumpsYes
Endrulf0.68 JumpsYes

Molden Heath

Hub: Rens

System Security Status Jumps From Hub Ice Other Details
Teonusude0.65 JumpsYes
Varigne0.610 JumpsYes


Hub: Rens

System Security Status Jumps From Hub Ice Other Details
Nakugard0.57 JumpsYes
Barkirk0.68 JumpsYes
Eygfe0.78 JumpsYes
Finanar0.59 JumpsYes
Gedugaud0.79 JumpsYes
Oppold0.79 JumpsYes
Nein0.510 JumpsYes
Asgeir0.710 JumpsYes
Dantbeinn0.711 JumpsYes
Aderkan0.612 JumpsYes
Hodrold0.613 JumpsYes


Hub: Agil

System Security Status Jumps From Hub Ice Other Details
Geztic0.72 JumpsYes
Keberz0.53 JumpsYes
Ervekam0.75 JumpsYes
Saloti0.76 JumpsYes
Talidal0.56 JumpsYes
Moutid0.77 JumpsYes
Moro0.58 JumpsYes
Turba0.78 JumpsYes
Dantan0.79 JumpsYes
Kothe0.69 JumpsYes
Molea0.710 JumpsYes
Moniyyuku0.610 JumpsYes


Hub: Oursulaert

System Security Status Jumps From Hub Ice Other Details
Deninard0.75 JumpsYesA great amount of Mackinaws in this system
Ignebaener0.58 JumpsYes
Actee0.59 JumpsYes


Hub: Dodixie

System Security Status Jumps From Hub Ice Other Details
Ardallabier0.73 JumpsYes
Jaschercis0.64 JumpsYes
Vaurent0.64 JumpsYes
Tolle0.74 JumpsYes
Aydoteaux0.55 JumpsYes
Carirgnottin0.65 JumpsYes
Angymonne0.67 JumpsYes
Antollare0.78 JumpsYes

Sinq Laison

Hub: Dodixie

System Security Status Jumps From Hub Ice Other Details
Brapelille0.74 JumpsYes
Ala0.56 JumpsYes
Misneden0.56 JumpsYes
Chelien0.76 JumpsYes
Stegette0.77 JumpsYes