Capital Ships

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This article refers to the skill. Information on the ships themselves can be found at Category:Capital Ships
Capital Ships
The operation of capital ships. Grants a 5% bonus per skill level to the agility of ships requiring the Capital Ships skill. Cannot be trained on Trial Accounts.
Primary Attribute Perception
Secondary Attribute Willpower
Time Multiplier 14x
AgilityBonus -5%
Required Skills
Primary Advanced Spaceship Command V
Secondary N/A
Tertiary N/A
From Empire N/A ISK
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Required for piloting all Capital Ships: Dreadnoughts, Carriers, and Titans.


Level I:

Skills: Racial Dreadnought (with Racial Battleship V)

Level II:

Skills: Capital Industrial Ships (with Advanced Spaceship Command V and Mining Barge V)

Level III:

Skills: Racial Carrier (with Racial Battleship V and Drone Interfacing V)

Level V:

Skills: Racial Titan (with Racial Battleship V and Leadership V)