Newbee Fast Track Plan

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Newbee Fast Track Plan

  • This plan provides a quick progression of ships and roles for a new player over the two week trial.
  • The plan aims to get you into combat as soon as possible, then trains learning skills to optimise the plan and gets you into plenty of new ships over the remaining time.
  • Uses only one restat which is focused on combat stats and usable for post-trial training, leaving the second restat available for the player to refocus later.

Roles covered by this plan in order:

  • Level 1 Mission Rifter
  • Fleet Afterburner Tackling Rifter
  • Fleet Microwarpdrive Tackling Rifter
  • Salvaging Thrasher
  • Fleet Microwarpdrive Tackling Merlin
  • Support Pitcrew/POS Osprey
  • Fleet ECM Blackbird
  • PvE Caracal
  • Fleet Microwarpdrive Tackling Punisher
  • Support Cap Recharging Augoror
  • PvE Omen
  • Fleet Tackling Maller

Optional extra roles:

  • Drone User
  • Mining Osprey
  • Tractor Beams
  • T2 & Faction Salvaging


  • Amarr, Caldari and Minmatar characters will save a couple of hours training compared to Gallente, but don't let this decide your character choice.
  • Skillbooks which need to be purchased are shown in bold and total ~ 15.6m isk to purchase them all.
  • If using implants, train up Cybernetics I straight away and plug them in

Main Plan

  • Create a character of any race
  • Restat to 15int, 9per, 5cha, 5wil, 5mem

  • Instant Recall I
  • Analytical Mind I
  • Learning I
  • Instant Recall II
  • Analytical Mind II
  • Learning II
  • Iron Will I
  • Iron Will II
  • Spatial Awareness I
  • Spatial Awareness II
Quick Learning complete after 4 hours
  • Minmatar Frigate I
  • Minmatar Frigate II
  • Minmatar Frigate III
  • Small Projectile Turret I
  • Missile Launcher Operation I
  • Rockets I
Level 1 Mission Rifter complete after 11 hours
  • Propulsion Jamming I
  • Hull Upgrades I
  • Energy Grid Upgrades I
  • Energy Grid Upgrades II
  • Navigation IV
  • Afterburner I
Fleet Afterburner Tackling Rifter complete after 1 day
  • Afterburner II
  • Afterburner III
  • Afterburner IV
  • High Speed Maneuvering I
Fleet Microwarpdrive Tackling Rifter complete after 2 days
  • Destroyers I
  • Survey I
  • Survey II
  • Survey III
  • Mechanic III
  • Salvaging I
Salvaging Thrasher complete after 3 days
  • Instant Recall III
  • Analytical Mind III
  • Learning III
  • Analytical Mind IV
  • Logic I
  • Logic II
  • Iron Will III
  • Spatial Awareness III
  • Spatial Awareness IV
  • Clarity I
  • Clarity II
Plan Optimisation complete after 4 days
  • Caldari Frigate I
  • Caldari Frigate II
  • Caldari Frigate III
  • Small Hybrid Turret I
Fleet Microwarpdrive Tackling Merlin complete after 4 days
  • Caldari Frigate IV
  • Caldari Cruiser I
  • Shield Emission Systems I
  • Energy Emission Systems I
  • Mechanic III
  • Repair Systems I
  • Repair Systems II
  • Remote Armor Repair Systems I
  • Remote Armor Repair Systems II
  • Remote Hull Repair Systems I
  • Remote Hull Repair Systems II
Support Pitcrew/POS Osprey complete after 5 days
  • Caldari Cruiser II
  • Electronic Warfare I
  • Electronic Warfare II
  • Electronic Warfare III
  • Long Range Targeting I
  • Long Range Targeting II
  • Frequency Modulation I
  • Frequency Modulation II
Fleet ECM Blackbird complete after 6 days
  • Missile Launcher Operation II
  • Standard Missiles I
  • Standard Missiles II
  • Standard Missiles III
  • Missile Launcher Operation III
  • Heavy Missiles I
  • Weapon Upgrades I
  • Shield Upgrades I
  • Engineering IV
  • Tactical Shield Manipulation I
PvE Caracal complete after 7 days
  • Amarr Frigate I
  • Amarr Frigate II
  • Amarr Frigate III
  • Small Energy Turret I
Fleet Microwarpdrive Tackling Punisher complete after 7 days
  • Amarr Frigate IV
  • Amarr Cruiser I
Support Cap Recharging Augoror complete after 8 days
  • Amarr Cruiser II
  • Gunnery III
  • Small Energy Turret I
  • Small Energy Turret II
  • Small Energy Turret III
  • Medium Energy Turret I
  • Hull Upgrades II
  • Hull Upgrades III
  • Hull Upgrades IV
PvE Omen complete after 10 days
  • Amarr Cruiser III
  • EM Armor Compensation I
  • EM Armor Compensation II
  • EM Armor Compensation III
  • Explosive Armor Compensation I
  • Explosive Armor Compensation II
  • Explosive Armor Compensation III
  • Kinetic Armor Compensation I
  • Kinetic Armor Compensation II
  • Kinetic Armor Compensation III
  • Thermic Armor Compensation I
  • Thermic Armor Compensation II
  • Thermic Armor Compensation III
  • Electronics IV
Fleet Tackling Maller complete after 12 days
  • Train anything you like

Optional Plan Supplements

This plan leaves around two days free (or nine days on an extended trial) for additional training, you may wish to consider these supplements.


Most of the ships after the Rifter provide a drone bay, if you wish to make use of drones drop this supplement in anywhere after "Plan Optimisation complete"

  • Drones I
  • Drones II
  • Drones III
  • Scout Drone Operation I

If you decide to try mining

  • Mining Drone Operation I
  • Mining Drone Operation II
Drones complete with 5h 30m of training

Mining Osprey

If you want to try out mining simply drop this supplement in anywhere after "Support Pitcrew/POS Osprey complete"

  • Mining III
  • Mining IV
  • Electronics Upgrades I
  • Mining Upgrades I
Mining Osprey complete with 19h 30m of training

Tractor Beams

Tractor beams greatly reduce the time spent approaching ships for salvage, as they allow you to drag wrecks to your ship from 20km away. Train the following skill after "Plan Optimisation complete" for the shortest training time.

  • Science IV
Tractor Beams complete with 11h 45m of training

T2 & Faction Salvaging

If you want to be able to salvage T2 or Faction ships drop this supplement in anywhere after "Plan Optimisation complete"

  • Salvaging II
  • Salvaging III
T2 & Faction Salvaging skills complete with 7h 15m of training