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Basic understanding of spaceship sensory and computer systems. 5% Bonus to ship CPU output per skill level.
Primary Attribute Intelligence
Secondary Attribute Memory
Time Multiplier 1x
CPU Output Bonus 5%
Required Skills
Primary N/A
Secondary N/A
Tertiary N/A
From Empire 18,000 ISK
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Electronics is one of the basic fitting skills that you should train as early as possible. As well as boosting your ship's CPU output with each level, training electronics opens up a whole host of useful subskills for tackling and EW. Training electronics to at least level III should be a priority for any combat pilot. You'll train it to V sooner or later for fitting requirements and all the delightful new skills it unlocks.


Level I: Cargo, ship and mining scanners. Basic sensor backup arrays.

Skills: Targeting, Signature Analysis, Survey, Electronic Warfare.

Level II: Basic co-processor

Skills: Long Range Targeting, Electronics Upgrades (with Engineering II).

Level III:

Skills: Sensor Linking, Weapon Disruption, Target Painting, Frequency Modulation (with Electronic Warfare II), Propulsion Jamming (with Navigation II).

Level IV:

Skills: Cloaking, Long Distance Jamming (with Electronic Warfare III).

Level V:

Skills: Cynosural Field Theory, Signal Dispersion (with Electronic Warfare IV), Signal Suppression (with Sensor Linking IV), Signature Focusing (with Target Painting IV), Turret Destabilization (with Weapon Disruption IV).
R&D Skills:
Nanite Engineering, Electromagnetic Physics, Electronic Engineering & Hypernet Science (all require Science V).
Racial Electronic Systems