Tactical Shield Manipulation

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Tactical Shield Manipulation
Operation of shield hardeners and other advanced shield modules.

Bonus: 5% reduced chance of damage penetrating the shield.

Primary Attribute Intelligence
Secondary Attribute Memory
Time Multiplier 4x
Required Skills
Primary Engineering III
Secondary N/A
Tertiary N/A
From Empire 189,000 ISK
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Tactical Shield Manipulation is mainly used as the prerequisite for shield hardeners, vital components of any shield tank.

Regarding the bonus: When your shields are at 25%, there is a chance of further damage bleeding through to your armor. Tactical Shield Manipulation I reduces the threshold to 20%, II reduces it to 15%, etc.


Level I

Tech I active shield hardeners; tech I invulnerability fields

Level IV

Tech II active shield hardeners, tech II invulnerability fields

Level V

  • Congratulations, the 843K SP that it took to get here is now WORTHLESS. Fuck Goons.