Small Energy Turret

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Small Energy Turret
Operation of small energy turrets. 5% bonus to small energy turret damage.
Primary Attribute Perception
Secondary Attribute Willpower
Time Multiplier 1x
Small Energy Turret damage +5%
Required Skills
Primary Gunnery I
Secondary N/A
Tertiary N/A
From Empire 18,000 ISK
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Small Energy Turret is needed to use laser weapons, the preferred Amarr weapons. It increases small energy turret damage by 5% per level. Anyone who flies mainly Amarr ships will need to train up this skill, both for the DPS bonus and for the fact that it's a prerequsite for the ability to mount larger/more advanced lasers.


Level I

Required for...
  • Tech 1 Small Laser turrets (Beam and Pulse)

Level III

Required for...

Level V

Required for...