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One of the drawbacks of pirating in low security status system is that it will have an impact on your character's security status. Your security status limits what systems you can travel in without the local Faction Navy killing you on sight.

You lose security by shooting the first shot, killing a ship, or killing a pod. In low-sec systems (.4 security or lower) you take a smaller hit, but killing pods is a sure way to get banned from empire space.

To get security up, you can kill rats. Slowly. Larger, more difficult rats yield a better security raise, but you only get the bonus for one ship you kill every 15 minutes WITHIN THE SAME SYSTEM. The first ship, mind you; so if you are specifically trying to raise your sec status kill the strongest rat that you see first. You can also train Connections and Fast Talk to speed the process up.

Also, if your standing with a specific faction goes below -5.0, sentry guns of that faction will open fire on you and stations of that faction may no longer allow you to dock.

System Restrictions by Security Status

In order to enter highsec space without being attacked by the faction NPCs, your security status must be greater than the following values:

  • -2.00 for access to 1.0 security level systems
  • -2.50 for access to 0.9 security level systems
  • -3.00 for access to 0.8 security level systems
  • -3.50 for access to 0.7 security level systems
  • -4.00 for access to 0.6 security level systems
  • -4.50 for access to 0.5 security level systems
  • -5.0 or less can be attacked by anyone without sentry gun intervention.

Security Status Penalty

If you are in Empire controlled space (0.01 - 1.00) your security status will be reduced for committing acts of agression. Security status is reduced based on the crime committed, the security status of the system it was in, and the relative difference in security status between agressor and victim. Base penalties for the following actions are listed below. Note that there is a minimum penalty of -12.5% for pod killing.

Agression -1.5%
Ship Kill -6.0%
Pod Kill -37.5%

These are used to calculated the relative security status penalty based on the following formula:

relative_sec_status_penalty = base_penalty * system_truesec * (1 + (victim_sec_status - agressor_sec_status) / 90)

The actual drop in security status seen by the attacker is a function of their current security status and the relative penalty:

security status loss = relative_penalty * (agressor_sec_status + 10)

The table below gives the security status changes assuming both the attacker and victim have 0.00 security status. Attackers who have a lower security status than their vicitms will get a slighter larger relative penalty, but the actual security status loss may be less in absolute terms (as they have less security status to lose).

System Security0.100.200.300.400.500.600.700.800.901.00
Agression -0.02 -0.03 -0.05 -0.06 -0.08 -0.09 -0.11 -0.12 -0.14 -0.15
Ship Kill -0.06 -0.12 -0.18 -0.24 -0.30 -0.36 -0.42 -0.48 -0.54 -0.60
Pod Kill -1.25 -1.25 -1.25 -1.50 -1.88 -2.25 -2.63 -3.00 -3.38 -3.75

How to raise your sec status as fast as humanly possible

  1. Fast Talk helps IMMENSELY, get this to level 4 ASAP. A BS kill with Fast Talk 4 will raise your sec status by .2% (around .02 points)
  2. Do not go back into the same system within 15 minutes of killing a rat or it won't count, so find an area with at least 5 systems in a circle or a long pipe.
  3. Use faction ammo (optional for poor people)
  4. Have a scout ahead one system looking for largest bounty spawns in that system. This is T H E K E Y to speeding up this process. Also use the scout to go buy more ammo.
  5. Align to next system's stargate when rat you're shooting enters structure, NO TIME TO LOOT, JUST GO!
  6. By the time your ratting ship gets to next system you should have your target rat already scouted out. Don't waste time looking for an even bigger spawn, this just slows you down in the long run. As long as its a battleship it is fine.
  7. Faction BS are THE best rats to shoot, a Domination Saint will raise your sec status by .04% (without Fast Talk)

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