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These are the ones pretty much everyone uses:

F1 - F8: Activates the top row of modules eight modules (hislot items usually)

Alt+F1 - Alt+F8: Activates second row of eight modules (medslot items usually)

Ctrl+F1 - Ctrl+F8: Activates bottom row of eight modules (lowslot items usually)

Note that on smaller ships like frigates, there aren't that many modules you need to activate, so look on the right hand side of your central HUD display when in space, and drag things like webs and scrams from your mid/lower rows to your top one. That way instead of F1/F2/F3/Alt+F1/Alt+F2 to get a lock on some bastard, it's just F1/F2/F3/F4/F5.

Ctrl+Click: Attempts to lock the target object.

In a gatecamp, hit all the function keys for your long range offensive systems, then ctrl+click on a distant planet. This will keep your weapons armed, but no crosshairs on your screen so you can't accidentally blow up a friendly. Then when a hostile appears, just ctrl+click on him, and you'll start locking straight away. Soon as you're locked, all your weapons will activate on their own.
Note this doesn't work for anything with a hard range limit when the target appears outside their range (read: scrams).

Ctrl+Space: Stops your ship from entering warp.

This will save your life, and will probably deliver a good number of kills if you're quick on the ball. Will not work once in warp, only on the align/accelerate phase; once you've aligned and hit warp speed, you cannot stop it.

Ctrl+Tab: Gets rid of overview

Good for screenshots and general admiring EVE's beauty.

F10: Galactic Map

F11: Map overview

Learn to use F11, as it's very useful for setting destinations a few systems away, as you don't have to switch out to the map view or open People & Places.

Ctrl-Alt-Shift-E: Turns off effects

Ctrl-Alt-Shift-T: Turns off turret effects

Ctrl-Alt-Shift-F12: Turns off sound

You will want to do this BEFORE EVERY PVP ENGAGEMENT. Partially because it reduces lag, partially because there's a little lag when a ship blows up, and this reduces it so you can get to the hostile's pod faster.

Ctrl+Alt+Shift+M: Open UI Monitor

Ctrl+Shift+F: Open the fitting window in space. Note that you can't actually refit your ship unless you're near something with a ship maintenance array.

Ctrl+F: Display FPS

Ctrl+X/C/V: Cut/Copy/Paste

Ctrl+B/U/I: Switch Bold/Underline/Italics on/off in chat

Print Screen: Take a screenshot

(Open options, Graphics, "Save Screenshots in High Quality" to not get crappy JPGs. Images are saved to <EVE Folder>\capture\screenshots\)