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Downloading the Free Trial
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The Eve Client

User Interface · Keyboard Shortcuts
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The Overview · Window Mode
EVE-Mail Etiquette

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Basic Combat
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Before you begin playing Eve, you'll need to do the following things.

Downloading the Eve Client

Download the EVE client from this link:

Save it somewhere that you can easily find it (like your desktop) and then run the application to install EVE.

Patching and the AutoPatcher

The client you download should be the latest build. If for some reason it is not, we recommend that you patch the client manually rather than autopatching. Download the latest patch here:

Unzip the file and then launch the .exe within when EVE is not running.

Obtaining a Free Trial Account

You can obtain a free 14-day trial account from the following link:,1200,104298453,20060213122530

The trial account is fully functional, with a few exceptions. Some skills cannot be trained on trial accounts, and money cannot be transferred from trial accounts to other accounts. Beyond that, you can do anything that a paid account can do. Please note that if you decide to purchase the game, your trial period ends immediately, so you might wish to wait until your trial account is about to expire, and then pay, to get the maximum amount of free playtime.