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Window Mode

EVE Online can be run in Full-Screen or Window Mode. To change from the default full screen to windowed mode:

  • Press ESC in-game to bring up the game menu.
  • Click on the "Graphics" Tab and go to the "Display Mode Settings" section.
  • Change the "Windowed or Fullscreen" option to "Window Mode".
  • Set the Window Size to a value equal to or lower than your desktop resolution.
  • Leave the game menu to commit the changes.

or just hit ALT-ENTER, the old DOS shortcut to alternate between fullscreen and window mode.

Removing Window Border

You can remove the window border completely using the below method. Please note that in the process you're enabling "Multisample" which is a type of anti-aliasing. Additionally, this is a bug and may or may not work forever or for everyone.

  • Exit out of EVE-Online completely.
  • Open the directory where you have EVE-Online installed. Usually C:\Program Files\CCP\EVE\
  • Steam Users: If you use steam, the EVE directory is located at ... Steam\steamapps\common\eve online.
  • Open prefs.ini in the "cache" folder using notepad.
  • Note: Changing the prefs.ini file in the above-mentioned directory may not enable/modify any of the below options. If it doesn't, try the prefs.ini file located in C:\Documents and Settings\[user]\Local Settings\Application Data\CCP\EVE\settings
  • Windows Vista/7: the folder is at C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\CCP\EVE ...
  • Paste "advancedDevice=1" without the "" on an empty line in the file then save & close. This will add additional options in the "Graphics" section of the game menu.
  • Start up EVE-Online normally.
  • Press ESC to bring up the game menu and click the "Graphics" tab. Go to the "Device Settings" section.
  • Change "Multisample Type" from "Disabled" to "Enable multisample quality"
  • Change "Multisample Quality" from "0" to your desired setting. 1 is lowest quality, 3 is highest.
  • Close the game menu, then press ESC again to open the game menu again.
  • Change the "Multisample Type" back to "Disabled" and leave the "Multisample Quality" at its previous setting. Changing it to 0 at any time will cause the window border to reappear.
  • Close the game menu again and the window border will magically disappear! The multisample setting will still be enabled so you will still have smoothed edges in-game.

Please note that when you reopen the graphics menu the "Multisample Type" will be back at "Enable multisample quality". As long as you don't touch these settings the window border will remain invisible. The window should be automatically centered on the screen. If you need to move it you can drag on the Upper Left hand corner of the window to move it.

Using ShiftWindow

There is also a program called ShiftWindow which will move your windowed eve so it fits perfectly centered on your screen. The borders will remain but will be placed off-screen where you cannot see them. The window will stay in place till you close EVE. This will allow you to alt-tab while retaining fake full-screen. Close Shift-Window after you resize EVE because takes up 3-7% cpu even when idle. (At least with me.)

Using EVEMon

If you are using EVEMon anyway (and you really should do) you can as well use that to position your borderless EVE window. Select Tools -> Options -> General and enable "Relocate windowed EVE to fill a monitor" and select the screen you prefer.