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Basic understanding of scientific principles. 5% Bonus to blueprint copying speed per level.
Primary Attribute Intelligence
Secondary Attribute Memory
Time Multiplier 1x
Copy Speed Bonus -5%
Required Skills
Primary N/A
Secondary N/A
Tertiary N/A
From Empire N/A ISK
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Science is a prerequisite for a whole range of miscellaneous skills, including many used only for R&D. It is also needed for operating tractor beams.


Level I:

Skills: Biology, Energy Grid Upgrades (with Engineering II), Shield Upgrades (with Engineering II).

Level II:

Skills: Genetic Engineering, Energy Pulse Weapons (with Engineering II), Shield Emission Systems (with Engineering III), Energy Emission Systems (with Engineering III).

Level III:

Skills: Archaeology (with Survey III), Hacking (with Electronics Upgrades III), Research, Laboratory Operation, Cybernetics, Astrometrics, High Tech Connections (with Social III).
Hemorphite Processing, Jaspet Processing, Kernite Processing, Omber Processing, Plagioclase Processing, Pyroxeres Processing, Scordite Processing, Veldspar Processing (all with Refining V).

Level IV: Small Tractor Beam.

Skills: Thermodynamics (with Engineering V, Energy Management V), Metallurgy, Astrogeology (with Mining IV).

Level V:

Skills: Cloning Facility Operation (with Capital Ships III), Jump Drive Operation (with Navigation V, Warp Drive Operation V), Jump Portal Generation ( with Astrometrics V, Jump Drive Operation V), Doomsday Operation (with Energy Pulse Weapons V, Advanced Weapon Upgrades V).
R&D Skills:
Nanite Engineering, Electromagnetic Physics, Electronic Engineering (all with Electronics V).
High Energy Physics, Plasma Physics, Hydromagnetic Physics, Graviton Physics, Laser Physics, Nuclear Physics, Quantum Physics (all with Engineering V).
Amarrian Starship Engineering, Minmatar Starship Engineering, Rocket Science, Gallentean Starship Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Caldari Starship Engineering, Astronautic Engineering, Molecular Engineering (all with Mechanic V).

Required Skills

Primary - N/A

Secondary - N/A

Tertiary - N/A