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These are the Rules for Ratting, Mining, and Exploration:

  • Belts are first come, first served. Whoever arrives in the belt first owns everything in the belt except named cans until they leave, at which point their rights lapse. This includes miners. As of this writing, no corps in Goonswarm have special rights to the belts in any area of our space.
  • Upon leaving a belt all rights to that belt are forfeit except for named cans left in the belt. Since you can't name wrecks, you can't own them unless you are in the belt with them. This guideline covers ownership of exploration sites and encounters, as well.
  • Named cans left in a belt/site/encounter belong to the person that named them and may not be looted by anyone else without express permission.
  • Chaining of rat spawns is not protected by Goonswarm policy. No one is required to maintain spawn chains. We do not want to have to police the belts, so deal with it.
  • If a miner has claimed a belt for mining they also own the rats in the belt. You must get their permission before ratting in their belt. Some miners will prefer that their rats not be killed, because more difficult rats may spawn to replace them.
  • Exploration sites/encounters are first come, first serve as well. Whoever arrives at the site/encounter first owns it until they leave.
  • If you leave a site or encounter before it, it is available to anyone that happens to find it while you are gone. This includes getting your ship popped by the rats and going back to get another one.

Off-Limits Territory

We respect the territorial claims of some of our friends. Areas claimed by these alliances cannot be jewed in. Feel free to rat, mine, explore, or run missions in hostile space or space that is not mentioned. If it becomes a problem for our diplomats, we will update this post. The exception to this rule is exploration escalations, which may be done anywhere --escalations do not require probes nor deplete local resources at all.

  • RA/Other Friendly Russian Territory: We cannot rat or explore here, and although some people have been told by various CEOs that it is okay to mine ice in this or that system, you probably shouldn't do it unless you are one of those people. These regions are: Cache, Insmother, all of Paragon Soul except our constellation indicated above, and Scalding Pass.
  • ZAF/KIA Space: We can rat in any system in Period Basis that we have sovereignty in. Otherwise, we respect KIA and ZAFs' territories.
  • Pandemic Legion: Fountain is pretty hostile. I don't think Pandemic Legion gives a shit what you do there, at this point.
  • The Drone Regions: We do not have any rights to areas in the Drone Regions, and as we are friendly with the alliances there, we cannot jew there. This includes The Spire, Etherium Reach, Oasa, Cobalt Edge, Outer Passage, and the Kalevala Expanse. Sorry, Theta.
  • The North/TCF Space: We haven't really had any big problems with people wanting to jew up here, but I'm sure it's just a matter of time.


  • Delve - We own Delve. In every sense of the word. Missions, belts, whatever, are all open to all members of the swarm. Our good buddies Rebellion alliance are also allowed to take advantage of this space.
  • Querious - Everything said about Delve applies to this region as well.
  • Any enemy or neutral territory that you dare to fuck around in is fair game.