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The Drone Regions
Security 0.0
Sovereignty Intrepid Crossing, Solar Fleet, Ethereal Dawn, Legion of xXDEATHXx
Geographical Area Northeast
Bordering Regions Tenal, Geminate, Metropolis, Great Wildlands, Cache, Insmother, Molden Heath
Notable Systems L4X, 1S-SU1, WNM-V0
Rats Rogue Drones
Aridia - Black Rise - Derelik - Devoid - Domain - Essence - Everyshore - Genesis - Heimatar - Kador - Khanid - Kor-Azor - Lonetrek - Metropolis - Molden Heath - Placid - Sinq Laison - Solitude - Tash-Murkon - The Bleak Lands - The Citadel - The Forge - Verge Vendor
The Southeast
Cache - Curse - Detorid - Great Wildlands - Insmother - Scalding Pass - Wicked Creek
The South
Catch - Esoteria - Feythabolis - Immensea - Impass - Omist - Paragon Soul - Providence - Stain - Tenerifis
The Southwest
Delve - Period Basis - Querious
The Northwest
Cloud Ring - Fountain - Outer Ring - Syndicate
The North
Branch - Deklein - Fade - Pure Blind - Tenal - Tribute - Venal
The Northeast
Geminate - Vale of the Silent
The Drone Regions
Cobalt Edge - Etherium Reach - Malpais - Oasa - Outer Passage - Perrigen Falls - The Kalevala Expanse - The Spire


About the Regions

The "Drone Regions" were added to EVE with the Revelations expansion and renamed in Trinity 1.1. The rats, rogue drones, are notable in that they drop compounds, which must be refined into their component minerals and sold. There are no bounties and no security status gain ratting here.

Cobalt Edge (H3J8-U)

This southern drone region was held by Rule of Three and, later Mostly Harmless. It now belongs to Solar Fleet. Located on the far northeast of the map.

Perrigen Falls (S-I6VU)

Centrally located, this drone region is held by Legion of xXDEATHXx.

Malpais (LQ-OQN)

This North-Eastern drone region is held by Intrepid Crossing.

Oasa (G5KW-3)

This Northern drone region is also held by Intrepid Crossing.

Kalevala Expanse (87-1CW)

Three constellations of this drone region were recently re-acquired and then sold by GoonSwarm, where several squads immediately set up shop. Based out of WNM-V0, the centrally-located outpost, Theta had the largest presence followed by Rho and Sigma who both constructed ratting PoSes. Of particular note is the fact that WNM has upgraded refining services, meaning that 100% refines are available at that station if your skills are good enough. It was held by Intrepid Crossing, but now is owned by Legion of xXDEATHXx.

Other areas of interest include 1S-SU1, the westernmost system that was a stop along the Jewper Highway.

Outer Passage (6HL8-L)

The easternmost drone region, previously held by Ka-Tet, now held by Solar Fleet.

Etherium Reach (7-KXBJ)

This South-Western drone region is held by Ethereal Dawn and Intrepid Crossing. Goonswarm formerly held space here but sold it for 95 billion isk. Current outposts:

  • 3H58-R (Amarr Factory Outpost) -- Ethereal Dawn
  • R-6KYM (Minmatar Refinery Outpost, 35% base reprocessing rate) -- Ethereal Dawn
  • TP-RTO (Minmatar Refinery Outpost, 35% base reprocessing rate) -- Ethereal Dawn
  • D-IZT9 (Minmatar Refinery Outpost, 35% base reprocessing rate) -- Intrepid Crossing
  • E8-432 (Amarr Factory Outpost) -- Intrepid Crossing

Other areas of interest include L4X-1V, the terminus of the Jewper Highway into Molden Heath.

The Spire (VU-WU2)

Previously held by Red Alliance since the opening of dronespace, this drone region is now held by SOLAR FLEET, one of their offshoots. The region has no conquerable stations, but two outposts have been dropped, notably the centrally-located RA Deepspace at I15-0V.

Drone Ratting

As mentioned above, rogue drones drop compounds instead of bounty and loot. Many producers in S-Mart have standing orders to buy compounds straight out of WNM and can work out deals with you. Compounds are prized due to them being pre-compressed - they can be hauled to where they are needed and then refined, expanding their usefulness over raw minerals.

Unfortunately, compounds are still rather large - a battleship-class rat will drop 200-250m3 of compounds that is worth 2-5 million ISK once refined and sold. This necessitates some additional infrastructure to deal with the compounds, but ultimately drone ratting can be more profitable on a per-hour basis than regular ratting, especially if you take time to prune and you have a second account to haul the minerals.

There are no drone hauler spawns, but there are drone faction spawns.

Just Arrived?

Join the Drone intel channel: GSDroneintel. There may not be many gankers, but there are some. Don't be stupid - don't get ganked.

The place to base out of is unquestionably WNM-V0. This station system is the last stop on the Jewper Highway and, while it doesn't have much of a market, is centrally located, allowing you ratting systems in every direction. If you are in Theta, Rho, or Sigma, chances are you have a ratting PoS set up nearby. Check your forum stickies for more information.

Setting up for optimal drone ratting

Either rat directly out of the station system, follow your squad instructions, or set up in your own little system. You'll want to anchor an industrial full of GSCs in a safespot and rat into them. Once they are full, haul them to the nearest station to either refine or sell.

Things to note:

  • Drone rats are weak to EM
  • Drone rats deal 50% Exp, 20% Therm 20% Kin, 10% EM. They do fairly anemic damage. Your focus should be on DPS and you will only need a minimal tank.
  • Loot only battleships. Frigates are a waste of time and cruisers often have worthless compounds.
  • Loot only Motley, Lustering, Plush, Glossy, and Opulent compounds. Coincidentally, these are the only compounds battleships drop.
  • Salvage is medicore, but can be a decent boost to income if you're ratting in a raven or have an extra high slot.
  • Chain your spawns - any belt with 4 or more non-battleship rats should be pruned for additional battleship spawns. If there are battleships in the belt, kill them and leave the rest.

Drone Ratting Builds

Because of their weakness to EM damage, Amarr and Caldari have the advantage. Also, because of the need to haul large amounts of compounds, you'll need to either have an industrial follow you around or have a large cargo bay to avoid having to make trips back to your cans too often.

Solo Drone Ratting T2 Torp Raven

6x Siege Missile Launcher II (Mjolnir Torpedoes)
1x Small Tractor Beam I
1x Salvager I
1x 100m MicroWarpDrive II
1x Medium Shield Booster II
2x Shield Boost Amplifier I/II (named decrease CPU cost only)
1x Invulnerability Field II
1x Phased Weapon Array Generation Extron (Best named target painter)
3x Ballistic Control System II
2x Expanded Cargohold II
5x Hammerhead II
5x Hobgoblin II
3x Capacitor Control Circuit

This is a great solo ratter and a nice compromise between damage, range, and cargo hold. With 1081m3 of cargo room, you have enough room to hold 6 battleship spawns before having to offload. It requires good missile skills, and you can only hit out to about 25km, but after making a set of bookmarks where the rats spawn, at most you'll only need to pulse your MWD once to get into torp range. Doing around 689dps (813 w/ drones), the drones are for emergency purposes only. You'll demolish a triple-BS spawn faster than you can loot their wrecks. With good skills, you can swap the medium shield booster II for a small shield booster II and let it perma-run for super-lazy ratting. --Bhodii 21:46, 16 September 2008 (EDT)