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Insmother is an eastern region of the EVE cluster and home to Red Alliance. Additionally, it was one of Goonswarm's bases of operation in its war against the Southern Coalition. Surrounding Insmother are Cache to the east, Scalding Pass to the west, the new regions Etherium Reach and The Spire to the north, and Wicked Creek to the south.

There are now six RA-controlled stations in Insmother.

  • C-J6MT "RA Prime"
  • F2A-GX "RA Cassini" (Refinery)
  • N7-BIY "RA Destiny" (Factory)
  • 3AE-CP "EG Prime" (Refinery)
  • GB-XK5 "MACTEP's Treasure" (Refinery)
  • 5C-RPA "RA Banderloga (Refinery)
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