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Security Empire
Sovereignty Amarr Empire (NPC)
Geographical Area South Empire
Bordering Regions Catch, Tash-Murkon, Kor-Azor
Notable Systems
Rats Blood Raiders
Aridia - Black Rise - Derelik - Devoid - Domain - Essence - Everyshore - Genesis - Heimatar - Kador - Khanid - Kor-Azor - Lonetrek - Metropolis - Molden Heath - Placid - Sinq Laison - Solitude - Tash-Murkon - The Bleak Lands - The Citadel - The Forge - Verge Vendor
The Southeast
Cache - Curse - Detorid - Great Wildlands - Insmother - Scalding Pass - Wicked Creek
The South
Catch - Esoteria - Feythabolis - Immensea - Impass - Omist - Paragon Soul - Providence - Stain - Tenerifis
The Southwest
Delve - Period Basis - Querious
The Northwest
Cloud Ring - Fountain - Outer Ring - Syndicate
The North
Branch - Deklein - Fade - Pure Blind - Tenal - Tribute - Venal
The Northeast
Geminate - Vale of the Silent
The Drone Regions
Cobalt Edge - Etherium Reach - Malpais - Oasa - Outer Passage - Perrigen Falls - The Kalevala Expanse - The Spire

Khanid is the nearest highsec region relative to our home in Delve and Querious. It is the home of the Khanid Kingdom, an offshoot from the Amarr Empire which offers its own set of faction modules through member corp missions.

Agil is the hub market system in Khanid, although it is vastly shadowed by the nearby Amarr and Tash-Murkon Prime. Anyone serious about importing or exporting from Empire shouldn't bother with Agil as the markets see much less volume.