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A 0.0 region on the borders of Empire; current home of Curatores Veritatis Alliance, an Amarr-oriented roleplayer alliance, and several other roleplayer alliances, and former home of Ushra'Khan and other Minmatar roleplayer alliances. Without exaggeration, it is the worst conquerable 0.0 region in the game, with no standard conquerable stations and the lowest truesec being around -0.4, not even enough given the region's class to spawn any good ores or rats. Despite this, 32 outposts have been built in the region, giving it more stations than any other conquerable 0.0 region. The region features close proximity to Empire space, and has one of the few 0.0 systems (Y-MPWL) with a gate directly to hisec (Kari). CVA's leadership views the region as an extension of Empire of sorts.

Because of its limited value, the region has seen little in the way of outside invasions, and those that do invade tend to bugger off due to either the shittiness of the region or the skill of the defenders. The last three intrusions of note were the invasion of Triumvirate against CVA in January 2008; the invasion of Band of Brothers against CVA and Paxton Federation in September and October 2007; and the invasion of several self-described "pirate" corps, including The Establishment, against Ushra'Khan (bolstered by ISS and MC) in August 2006.

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