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Security 0.0
Sovereignty Sansha's Nation, home region
Geographical Area South
Bordering Regions Esoteria, Catch, Impass, Period Basis
Notable Systems
Rats Sansha
Aridia - Black Rise - Derelik - Devoid - Domain - Essence - Everyshore - Genesis - Heimatar - Kador - Khanid - Kor-Azor - Lonetrek - Metropolis - Molden Heath - Placid - Sinq Laison - Solitude - Tash-Murkon - The Bleak Lands - The Citadel - The Forge - Verge Vendor
The Southeast
Cache - Curse - Detorid - Great Wildlands - Insmother - Scalding Pass - Wicked Creek
The South
Catch - Esoteria - Feythabolis - Immensea - Impass - Omist - Paragon Soul - Providence - Stain - Tenerifis
The Southwest
Delve - Period Basis - Querious
The Northwest
Cloud Ring - Fountain - Outer Ring - Syndicate
The North
Branch - Deklein - Fade - Pure Blind - Tenal - Tribute - Venal
The Northeast
Geminate - Vale of the Silent
The Drone Regions
Cobalt Edge - Etherium Reach - Malpais - Oasa - Outer Passage - Perrigen Falls - The Kalevala Expanse - The Spire

Kind of a clusterfuck of a region.

-A- live here, along with Stain Empire, MASS, Exceed, and C0VEN.

-A- is friendly not at all friendly, nor are their friends so be careful of their gate camps (which will inevitably have a bubble). -A- was once friendly to Stain Empire but now both sides actively hunt each other.

As a general rule, the northern part of Stain is -A- space, and the southern part is Stain Empire space. Each of the alliances friendly to Stain Empire and C0VEN) have their own little area they are based out of, and probably communicate on a joint security channel.

Stain Empire usually has 6-12 pilots based in the central node of 4GQ-XQ and will often have one scout in the pipe between there and Estoria. They are most active in the Euro Time zone and before downtime.

There are a few farmers who run ravens and cloak when hostiles enter the system. They often use the same safe spot.

Stain is the Sansha's Nation home region which means rats spawn as if the truesec was -1.0 in every system with pirate sovereignty. Fit for EM/Thermal damage and use EM damage against them.

**Stain Empire's map of Stain.** Pro-Click zone

Tune radio channel STAINGOONS for intel and reports. Not heavily moderated as Red Arrow, it's also used for local gang forming

Schlieren Altiprlayle on Stain Missions

the daveydweebs of the world haven't run missions in stain, so expecting a wiki article is a little bit premature

also, the primary problem now is that mission type spreads are, for the most part, unknown: meaning running down a courier mission agent path or a kill mission agent path might still net you quite a number of missions of the opposite type

this was made in 2008, so you might expect it to be accurate but who knows for sure until we generate our own database?

for comparison, here is an older breakdown:

also, there are huge amounts of True Creations agents, as well as True Power agents

rules of thumb are as follows:

1) an L2 Q(-18) agent is better than an L1 Q20 agent -- always run agents of the highest level you can

2) while climbing the ladder of faction standing, run every storyline mission you get offerred, kill OR courier, run them

3) once you have reached the desired level of faction and can run L4 Q20 agents, or L5 agents if you like, refuse every storyline mission after that

4) you can refuse missions every 4 hours from any one agent for no faction penalty, regardless of if they are a normal agent or a storyline agent

5) once you get a feel for how much faction you have, and how much faction penalty will be assessed to you for a particular mission (refusing some missions penalizes more than others), you will find it useful simply to take the faction hit in order to get a better offer

6) you MUST refuse missions before the offer expires. simply letting a mission offer expire is equivalent to accepting and then failing the mission.