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Oh God the galaxy is huge where the fuck am I?

These may well have been your first words upon seeing the galaxy map for the first time. As a newbie, odds are that you have no idea where our home is in relation to the rest of the galaxy, much less where our allies and enemies live. Knowing where you can and can't go is essential for travel, and knowing the basic layout of the area lets you get an idea of exactly what it is you're doing when you convoy 20+ systems away from home on a fleet op.

The EVE galaxy has a very long and complicated history. To understand how the galaxy became the way it is today, you may want to read about the Great Northern War, which took place before the founding of GoonFleet, followed by Dungar on the South and The Taking of the South, which explain how we and the Russians came to be close friends living in the southeast corner of the galaxy. Read The Great EVE War to see how the entire galaxy was set ablaze by a common vendetta against Band of Brothers, and then take a look at The Second Great EVE War to get up to speed on current events.


Finding The Center

First, go into the map, find the world map control panel, and hit the Flatten button. This will automatically orient and flatten the galaxy map for you, allowing us to use the cardinal directions.

In the middle of the map is Empire, NPC space where, depending on the Security Rating of the system, shooting someone else can get you killed by CONCORD. Since only pubbies and failed alliances live in Empire space, and the route from conquerable 0.0 space to Empire is often camped by pirates and other gankers, there are only a few things worth Running the Pipe to Empire for:

  • Market hubs - You can buy shit for cheap here, and sell high-end minerals for more than you'd make in 0.0
  • Scamming - Lie, cheat, and steal from those too stupid to know better.

Also, if you're bored, you could always head to New Eden to see the Eve Gate. It's not much to look at, but it is a stunning example of how, even in an internet spaceship game, tourists can turn a scenic overlook into a trash-filled and graffito-tagged shithole.

The Current State of the Galaxy

Delve War III has arrived, and once again we're at war with our old enemies. Band of Brothers has been reborn a third time, this time as IT Alliance, and are currently attempting to retake Delve from us. Most of our old allies have either collapsed, are fighting each other, or are busy with their own problems, so it looks like we're on our own for this one.

The Northeast

The Northeast is a small sliver of space running between Empire and Jove Space. It changes hands somewhat frequently, but the owners are usually friendly.

The Drone Regions

The furthest northeast corner of the galaxy is relatively new, and is referred to as the Drone Regions, due to the rogue drone rats found there. The Drone Regions are largely controlled by Red Alliance breakaways Legion of xXDEATHXx and Solar Fleet. After the end of The Second Great EVE War, the place quickly became a clusterfuck of conflicting loyalties and allies fighting amongst themselves, but since it's far away and we've got our own problems, it doesn't really matter all that much.

The Southeast

This was our home, before we disbanded BoB and flung ourselves into the Southwest. Now controlled completely by hostile alliances, the Southeast includes the following regions of interest:

  • Cache - Cache was Red Alliance's other original home region. Following a large split, however, MACTEP took close to 400 RA members and formed Solar Fleet (as well as the auxiliary corp SOLAR WING) and then claimed Cache for themselves.
  • Curse - NPC space where you can run Agent Missions. Be advised, however, that Curse is home to numerous hostiles who do nothing but shoot mission runners.
  • Detorid - We abandoned this space to go live in Delve. Red Alliance had taken almost all of it, but soon lost it to Atlas Alliance.

The South

For a very long time, the south was the major battleground in the first war against BoB, and was home to many of their pets. It was also where most of the fighting went on during the earlier portion of The Second Great EVE War. Like the Southeast, this area is now controlled by hostile alliances.

  • Tenerifis - Was ours, but AAA has taken most of it in our absence. Here you'll find historic 46DP-O, the border system between Tenerifis and Detorid where Shrike was killed, marking the first death of a piloted Titan.
  • Omist - Perviously allied space, it has since been taken by Atlas Alliance following our departure from the area.
  • Catch - Controlled almost completely by AAA.
  • Providence - Really, really lousy space belonging almost entirely to Curatores Veritatis Alliance, who are hostile to us for role playing reasons (and don't really like us besides), but are actually somewhat friendly in a political sense, as we share the same enemies.
  • Stain - Sansha's Nation NPC space, and what was the final goal of our war against Stain Empire. Goons still living in Stain can mostly be found in RRWI-5 or thereabouts. Generally, you'll find Stain Empire in the southern part, and AAA in the north.

The Southwest

This is where the war's at. For as long as goons have been playing this game, the Southwest was where the bad guys lived. Now it's ours, and the bad guys want it back.

  • Delve - BoB used to live here. Then we disbanded BoB, and they turned into KenZoku. Then we moved in and threw their sorry asses out. Now they've come back as IT Alliance, and it's our turn to defend Delve.
  • Querious - Ours. Querious is poor region for ratting, but it remains important in that it serves as our route to Empire. In the past it served as a kind of slum where BoB kept their pets while denying them access to the high end moons.

The Northwest

Once upon a time, we lived here. The Northwest was where GoonFleet started as a corporation, and it was where we had our first experiences with conquerable space.

  • Fountain - Once it was BoB's northern region. It was later taken from them by Pandemic Legion and their friends Sons of Tangra. Then BoB came back as IT, invaded Fountain, and kicked both PL and SoT out; PL fell due to leadership problems, and SoT was just fucking useless. Fountain is now IT's base of operations.
  • Outer Ring - NPC space that has very little to offer.
  • Syndicate - GoonFleet's old home; NPC space that, in simpler times, served as our cradle. Syndicate has long been called the "graveyard of dead alliances," and is currently home to the remnants of noted fuckups Huzzah Federation and Veritas Immortalis. Syndicate is also home to GoonSwarm's retarded little brother, The Greater Goon.
  • Cloud Ring - Here you'll find legendary XZH-4X, the system where we discovered we could fight on even terms with alliances much, much larger than ourselves. Cloud Ring is now home to Ev0ke.

The North

The North has always been a very strange place. Much of the North is controlled and led by what is known as the Northern Coalition, which is largely comprised of RAZOR Alliance, Morsus Mihi, and Tau Ceti Federation, along with several other smaller alliances.

Jove Space: You Can't Get There From Here

In the Eve backstory, the unplayable Jove are the reclusive fifth race in the galaxy who are super smart and ultra advanced but get brain diseases and something something blah blah blah whatever.

Jove space is closed off from the rest of the galaxy. Of its three regions, J7HZ-F and A821-A seem to be the actual Jove regions, while UUA-F4 is used for CCP employees - the stations in the south are owned by GM and ISD corporations, and the automated influence map shows that a developer alliance (CCP Engineering Alliance) holds sovereignty in the northernmost part.

God knows what CCP plans to do with the Jove, though it is funny when you consider that the Great Northern War, which set in motion the events that would lead to our galaxy-spanning war against Band of Brothers, began as a fight over who would control the approach to Jove space. Six years of fighting have followed, and Jove space remains closed off and largely forgotten.