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Basics to Survival in 0.0 Space
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Pay attention to Local and GFIntel


The local chat channel is a powerful tool. Anyone who is currently in the system will show up in local. If they have a red icon next to their name, they have a negative standing with GoonFleet and you should be cautious, as they may attempt to attack you. If they have a red star icon, they are war targets and can even attack you in empire. By downloading Cube Polygon’s custom portrait cache, you can immediately recognize which corporation and alliance they are in.

Don't talk in local, especially with hostiles in the system

This is for several reasons:

  1. We already have tons of proper chat channels for different subjects
  2. We don't talk to hostiles in local because
    1. It denies them intel on our actions that could lead to easy ganks. Stuff like, "Hay goons, I'm mining in belt 8-2, come join me" or "I'm undocking my freighter now lawl"
    2. For the same reasons we don't post on Eve-O. Our silence keeps the pubbies ignorant and keeps HILARIOUS goons from being unfunny faggots.

It's safe to chat in local when there are no hostiles in local, however it's best to just never do it.


Shared channel with allies. Use for chatter and gang invites.

Joining a gang in GSDef

First and foremost, disable your CSPA charges. Nothing pisses an FC off like an unneeded popup.

If someone's just announced they're forming a PvP gang and that they want people to join up, simply put an X in the channel, or request that a fleet invitation link gets posted.


Sesfan Qu'lah > x for pvp gang
InterestedPerson > x

Note: If there are multiple ops going on, you'll probably see different letters requested for different gangs. C for convoy, R for reinforcement, etc. You should also be in the habit of stating what you are flying and if you have Leadership 5 or any level of Wing Commander skill. You should also put the fleet commander's name in after the 'x' to show which gang you're trying to join, in case there are multiple gangs forming. For example instead of simply putting an 'x' as shown in the above example, put something like: x Sesfan Raven WC5. This will allow the gang boss to place you in an appropriate wing and position.

This allows the gang leader to quickly recruit you into the gang. If you haven't received an invite within a few minutes, feel free to ask why. Resist the temptation to spam the channel with X's, as this just aggravates everyone and the reason you don't have an invite yet is probably that either the gang leader is receiving an error message when he tries to invite you (A well known bug) or that someone is trying to kill the gang leader at that moment, and as such he is unable to invite you just yet.

Anybody in a fleet can post an invitation link that you can click to simply join the fleet, instead of going through the whole X'ing up thing. If you want to post an invitation link in a channel, right-click on your name in that channel, then select... one of the options that lets you post a fleet invitation.


Communal channel for members of GoonSwarm to talk about butts and post hilarious chatlogs in. GF GBS acts as a replacement for corp channels. Goon it up here.


This channel is for information regarding enemy fleet movements and locations of hostiles. Keep an eye here to be aware of any potential enemies in system or in pipes. Post in this channel if you see any hostiles around. If you plan on running the pipe, it is a good idea to ask if it is safe before you make your trip. If you get killed by hostile pirates or an enemy corp’s gate camp simply because you failed to read GSIntel, you will receive no sympathy; that said, report about what killed you.

Ship reports that include the phrase "no eyes", NE, N/E, etc. generally mean that the person making the report doesn't know what the hostile is flying, where they are, or what they are doing. For instance if you warp in a system and see a hostile in the local list, you might report it as "<name> in IIRH, no eyes".


Important: This channel is NOT for idle chatter, comedy posts, etc.

This channel exists for security purposes and it is important that it is not cluttered with a dozen stupid goon comedy posts. If you have something funny to say, don't say it here; say it in GFGBS or squad chat. Note that as well as GoonSwarm members, our allies have access to the channel, along with a multitude of other friendly corps. As such:


Our allies aren't as relaxed about jew or nigger or Stalin jokes as other goons are.


This means no friendly fleet positions or compositions or tactics. GSIntel and GSDef, while precautions have been made to secure it, are still open to a hell of a lot of people, and as such has more holes than swiss cheese that's been put in front of a chaingun.

Making a Report in GSIntel

Has a hostile Caracal just jumped into the same belt you and your Arkonor is in? Report it as soon as possible in GSIntel.

This will give people in PvP setups in the area the greatest chance of catching and killing them. Your report should have the following information:

  • Which system the hostile is in
  • Which celestial object the hostile is at
  • How many hostiles there are
  • What ship the hostile is flying

The more accurate intel you give in your report, the better chances are that someone will respond and help out. Without these four pieces of information, you will very rarely get a response. People are unable to come help you if they don't know where you are, and are incredibly unwilling to come help you if they have no idea what they'll be up against.

  • What, if any, celestial object the hostile is in line with
  • How far from you they are

In addition, if the hostile is in a medium to long range ship (40km+), and if it's at all possible, give the following:

These two extra details will allow for any close range ships to drop out of warp much closer to the hostile, and as such, drastically increase the chance of the ganker dying before they're able to warp off.


If you just yell "HELP!" in GSIntel, instead of providing useful intel, people will hate you, tell you to shut the fuck up and correctly judge that you deserve to be killed.

Use Warp to 0

Don't autopilot. Autopilot is slow and leaves you vulnerable while you travel to the gate. Autopilot in 0.0 space is suicide. Manually travel with the "Warp to 0" option. This will land you directly within jump range of the gate. Before the "Warp to 0" option was added, we relied on Instas to allow us to drop out of warp within jump range. This system has been deprecated by "Warp to 0".


Sometimes hostiles come into system and you wont have time to dock at a station. One option you have is to warp to a planet, moon or star at 100km. This is safer than sitting outside a station or asteroid belt, however you could still be found out if the enemy warps from planet to planet, which they often do. A much better option is to warp to a safespot. A safespot is a bookmark out in the middle of nowhere, created by placing a bookmark while you are in warp from one object to another. With the recent changes to the probing system, safespots aren't nearly as safe as they used to be. Do not idle for too long in any one spot. More information about safespots (and how to avoid being caught in one) can be found here: Safespot

What to do when enemies are in the region

When hostiles are in system you have two options.

Option 1: Join a defensive PvP op. If there are enemies in system, there will almost definitely be an op to rid the area of the unwanted guests. The op leader will do his or her best to keep you alive, plus you will be helping the corp to protect our precious assets and newbies who don’t have the same admirable sense of civic duty that you do. Follow orders and you (probably) wont get killed.

Option 2: Sit in a station until the issue is resolved. This is much less favorable to option 1, as defensive ops are generally considered mandatory. However if there are special circumstances preventing you from joining a gang, this is the only sure fire way to make sure you don’t get killed.

YOU SHOULD ONLY BE DOING EITHER OF THESE. Hostiles visiting our regions will be looking for ganks, not a fair fight. They will 90% of the time be flying fast tacklers (Interceptors) or Recon ships and will run away from anything that's not a sure kill. Unless you know what you're doing and have the skills and equipment you won't be able to kill one before he kills you or runs away. Hostiles often bring scanning ships to probe out your safespots. Don't sit idle in a safespot.

Have a proper ship set up

You probably wont be able to kill any hostiles by yourself, so instead here are some useful fittings for evading them instead.

Cloaking Devices

There are three main classes of cloaking devices. The effect of each type of cloaking device is universal - you cannot be seen except in local chat.

All cloaks have the drawback that your targeting speed is reduced in half, whether the module is online or not.

While cloaked, you move much slower than you can while not cloaked. The Prototype Cloaking Device reduces your speed by 90% while the Improved Cloaking Device reduces it by 70%. The Covert Ops cloak is the only class of cloaking device which doesn't affect your speed at all, but it can only be fit to a compatible ship, such as a Covert Ops frigate, Force Recon, or certain Transport ships.

If you've already been targeted, you cannot cloak, and if certain objects or any ships or drones move within 2,500 Meters of your ship, you will uncloak. Be especially careful if there are interceptors around, because if the pilot has the ship approach you and you've cloaked, you will probably decloak soon afterward.

Warp core stabilizers

WCS or stabs for short, these counter warp scramblers. Throw a couple of these on if you are worried about enemies scrambling you before you get a chance to warp away. Note that they do not help you in the case of a warp bubble. These have the drawback of reducing the speed that you lock at.

Nanofiber Internal Structure

Nanos for short. These increase your ship’s agility, thereby allowing it to align for warp faster. Throw some of these on if you are in a large, slow ship that has trouble aligning, such as an industrial. The bonuses applied by this module come at the expense of your ships armor.

MicroWarpdrives and Afterburners

Also called MWD or AB respectively. These are active speed boosting modules which make your ship go significantly faster by using some of your ships capacitor. These are always useful to have for that off chance you run into a warp bubble.

MicroWarpdrives can reduce your ships maximum capacitor capacity by as much as 25%, and a Warp Scrambler (not a Warp Disruptor) can shut them off. They also increase your ships signature radius, which means you can be targeted faster.

Running the pipe

This should be no problem so long as you do everything listed above, namely using Warp to 0 and checking GSIntel prior to your journey. The only other suggestion I have is that you fly a discrete ship that can align for warp in a timely manner, such as a frigate or shuttle. Read Running the Pipe for more information.

When on a PvP op

Follow orders! A well disciplined and organized fleet is an effective fleet. Blindly obey the chain of command. If you feel that a higher up made a mistake, tell a director about it after the op is over. It is imperative that you are on Teamspeak during any pvp ops. It is also imperative that you do not talk on Teamspeak unless you are the leader of the op or are specifically addressed by the leader. Teamspeak information can be found here: Teamspeak. And please do not flood gang chat with anything that is not relevant to the op.

Aligning for warp

Aligning to warp is now as simple as clicking the celestial object you are to align to, and clicking the "Align To" button in your interface (in the selected object pane). Before this feature existed, it was necessary to align to an object by manually double clicking in space near said object.