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The Quick Warp Trick is, as the name implies, a method to get your ship to the 75% of top speed needed to initiate warp faster than normal. It is especially effective for larger, less agile ships with slow acceleration. It is of little usefulness for frigates, cruisers, or other comparably-sized spacecraft.

Please see the more up to date article, MWD trick .

tl;dr version

  1. Initiate Warp.
  2. Immediately engage afterburner/microwarpdrive.
  3. Immediately disengage afterburner/microwarpdrive.
  4. Wave goodbye.

How/Why it works

The theory behind this technique is that in order to initiate warp your ship must be moving at 75% of it's maximum velocity in the direction of warp. If your ship's maximum speed suddenly drops for some reason, such as getting webbed or deactivating a speed mod, your ship will suddenly be well beyond it's maximum speed. If you are aligned then you would warp off immediately. This is the reason why in tackling school you are instructed to warp jam first, then web.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work very well. The idea is that, by engaging your afterburner/micro warp drive, then disengaging, the 14/10 respective seconds of burn will get you up to your needed warp speed faster than not burning. The problem is this: if it takes your ship, at base acceleration, less time to reach 75% of your base top speed, compared to reaching 75% of afterburner top speed at afterburner acceleration, you will actually slow down your warp. In addition, activating an afterburner or MWD increases your mass so it hurts your agility, so if your limiting factor is aligning, rather than accelerating, activating a propulsion module will slow you down.

This technique is worth trying. In my limited trials (with a single plated Dominix) the time savings were only a couple seconds, and not really worth pressing an extra button. The more plates you add or the slower your ship is, the better this will work. This might be worth doing on a cargo-expanded hauler. Using an afterburner for this generally isn't a good idea because of the long cycle time (14 sec with AB IV, 15 with AB V), but for heavy battleships like Rokhs and Abaddons using MWDs, this trick is invaluable for keeping up with fleets on the move.

When to use this

In the majority of heavy ships this will not make you warp faster if you are not moving (especially if you do not have an MWD), what this trick is really useful for is quickly turning around or turning to align to something else while moving. If you warp somewhere and realize you need to get the fuck out, turning on a Microwarpdrive will increase your max speed but not your current speed, giving you tons of agility as it effectively means you are starting from 0 speed again. Try warping to a gate then warping back to where you were and doing the mwd on/off trick, this should decrease your turnaround time by roughly a billion. Basically if you have any speed at all and are currently not using a propulsion mod, using this trick will help you align faster. This really only applies to plated cruisers, battlecruisers and up. Microwarpdrives have the best effect since they have the shorter cycle time and increase your speed much more drastically than afterburners.