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Bridges may be down or rerouted due to sov loss; be prepared for detours. This list was updated based on systems that lost sov.


Jump Bridges

Not to be confused with the Titan module, Jump Bridges were added in Revelations II. A Jump Bridge is a POS module that links two systems up to 5 light years apart. Players can use them to navigate between star systems and jump much like a capital ship.

If it doesn't work, make sure it has ozone in it or put some ozone in it before you report that it's bugged. You are responsible for putting in enough ozone to fuel your jump every time you use a jumpbridge. If you run out and get stranded at an empty bridge then it's your fault. See below for instructions on calculating ozone usage.

Alliance Jump Bridges

Grouped by connectivity (see maps below). Format for tower locations is System @ Planet-Moon.

Passwords are CASE SENSITIVE

The Webway
Region System / POS System / POS Status Owner Password Dist (ly) Route
QueriousA2-V27 @ 4-1L-6BE1 @ 2-1OnlineGoonfleetjumpy4.41Blue
QueriousL-6BE1 @ 6-1T8T-RA @ 4-2OnlineGoonfleetjumpy4.54Blue
Delve/QueriousT8T-RA @ 4-1NOL-M9 @ 10-3OfflineGoonfleetjumpy1.55Blue
DelveNOL-M9 @ 10-1D-3GIQ @ 10-3OfflineGoonfleetjumpy4.90Blue
DelveD-3GIQ @ 10-4PUIG-F @ 6-2OfflineGoonfleetjumpy1.37Blue
DelvePUIG-F @ 5-1J-LPX7 @ 9-5OfflineGoonfleetjumpy1.58Blue
DelveJ-LPX7 @ 9-6C3N-3S @ 4-1OfflineGoonfleetjumpy4.75Blue
DelveC3N-3S @ 4-5CX8-6K @ 7-2OnlineGoonfleetjumpy2.68Blue
Delve/QueriousCX8-6K @ 7-1H74-B0 @ 6-14OfflineGoonfleetjumpy4.84Blue
QueriousH74-B0 @ 6-649-U6U @ 9-8OfflineGoonfleetjumpy3.13Blue
Querious49-U6U @ 9-8C-7SBM @ 5-1OfflineGoonfleetjumpy3.10Blue
QueriousC-7SBM @ 5-2I1Y-IU @ 8-12OfflineGoonfleetjumpy3.53Blue
QueriousI1Y-IU @ 9-19CG6-H @ 9-20OfflineGoonfleetjumpy3.88Blue
Querious9CG6-H @ 9-3MKD-O8 @ 5-6OnlineGoonfleetjumpy4.35Blue
QueriousMKD-O8 @ 5-1A2-V27 @ 9-1OnlineGoonfleetjumpy4.4Blue
QueriousK7D-II @ 10-53-FKCZ @ 7-2OnlineGoonfleetjumpy3.56Orange
Querious3-FKCZ @ 5-1W6V-VM @ 6-2OnlineGoonfleetjumpy4.69Orange
QueriousW6V-VM @ 6-3ED-L9T @ 7-1OfflineGoonfleetjumpy4.95Orange
QueriousED-L9T @ 7-3Q2-N6W @ 7-8OfflineGoonfleetjumpy4.34Orange
QueriousQ2-N6W @ 7-9U-HYZN @ 6-2OfflineGoonfleetjumpy4.21Orange
QueriousU-HYZN @ 6-3Z-UZZN @ 7-3OfflineGoonfleetjumpy3.75Orange
QueriousZ-UZZN @ 7-2W-IIYI @ 10-2OnlineGoonfleetjumpy1.45Orange
QueriousW-IIYI @ 7-55V-BJI @ 7-1OnlineGoonfleetjumpy1.0Orange
Querious5V-BJI @ 7-2ZXJ-71 @ 8-18OfflineGoonfleetjumpy2.82Orange
Querious/DelveZXJ-71 @ 8-22SVM-3K @ 4-2OfflineGoonfleetjumpy4.97Orange
DelveSVM-3K @ 4-1F-TE1T @ 9-2OfflineGoonfleetjumpy1.93Orange
DelveF-TE1T @ 9-10-HDC8 @ 4-11OfflineGoonfleetjumpy2.3Orange
Delve0-HDC8 @ 4-12QY6-RK @ 5-8OfflineGoonfleetjumpy1.83Orange
DelveQY6-RK @ 5-15F2OY-X @ 4-2OnlineGoonfleetjumpy4.89Orange
DelveF2OY-X @ 4-1HM-XR2 @ 5-2OfflineGoonfleetjumpy2.91Orange
DelveHM-XR2 @ 5-3QX-LIJ @ 5-2OfflineGoonfleetjumpy3.62Orange
DelveQX-LIJ @ 5-3T-M0FA @ 3-1OfflineGoonfleetjumpy3.99Orange
DelveT-M0FA @ 3-2MO-GZ5 @ 7-4OnlineGoonfleetjumpy2.67Orange
DelveMO-GZ5 @ 7-13-DMQT @ 3-1OnlineGoonfleetjumpy1.39Orange
Delve3-DMQT @ 3-2YQX-7U @ 7-2OfflineGoonfleetjumpy3.07Orange
DelveYQX-7U @ 7-1C6Y-ZF @ 3-1OfflineGoonfleetjumpy4.91Orange
DelveC6Y-ZF @ 5-11-2J4P @ 5-3OnlineGoonfleetjumpy4.58Orange
Delve/Period Basis1-2J4P @ 1-1XZ-SKZ @ 6-3OfflineGoonfleetjumpy4.25Orange
Period BasisXZ-SKZ @ 6-4TPAR-G @ 9-5OfflineGoonfleetjumpy3.97Orange
DelveD-W7F0 @ 7-3QC-YX6 @ 6-1OfflineGoonfleetjumpy2.12Red
DelveQC-YX6 @ 6-28RQJ-2 @ 1-1OfflineGoonfleetjumpy3.51Red
Delve8RQJ-2 @ 4-64O-239 @ 4-2OnlineBattlestarsjumpy1.21Red
Delve4O-239 @ 5-139P-1J @ 10-2OnlineBattlestarsunknown1.21Red
Delve39P-1J @ 7-107UTB-F @ 5-10OnlineGoonfleetjumpy1.3Red
Delve7UTB-F @ 5-245-6QW7 @ 6-2OfflineGoonfleetjumpy1.43Red
Delve5-6QW7 @ 7-2Y5C-YD @ 7-1OfflineGoonfleetjumpy1.22Red
DelveY5C-YD @ 7-38WA-Z6 @ 8-6OfflineGoonfleetjumpy1.97Red
Delve8WA-Z6 @ 8-7O-IOAI @ 7-1OfflineGoonfleetjumpy4.97Red
DelveO-IOAI @ 5-21-SMEB @ 10-2OfflineGoonfleetjumpy2.81Red
Delve1-SMEB @ 10-323G-XC @ 10-4OfflineGoonfleetjumpy1.94Red
Delve23G-XC @ 10-3ZXB-VC @ 6-1OfflineGoonfleetjumpy4.26Red
DelvePS-94K @ 5-15BTK-M @ 6-2OnlineGoonfleetjumpy2.17Brown
Delve5BTK-M @ 6-1Y-OMTZ @ 7-14OnlineArs ex Discordiajumpy0.69Brown
DelveY-OMTZ @ 7-1Q-02UL @ 7-2OnlineArs ex Discordiajumpy2.10Brown
DelveQ-02UL @ 8-9N-8YET @ 10-1OnlineGoonfleetjumpy3.56Brown
DelveN-8YET @ 10-2K-6K16 @ 9-9OnlineGoonfleetjumpy4.98Brown
DelveK-6K16 @ 9-106Z-CKS @ 5-3OnlineGoonfleetjumpy4.81Brown
DelveHZAQ-W @ 10-15S-6HHN @ 8-10OfflineBattlestarsjumpy1.30Green
DelveZXB-VC @ 6-2T-IPZB @ 8-5OfflineIGNEjumpy3.04Green
Querious4-2UXV @ 8-3KEJY-U @ 7-1OnlineRebellionjumpy4.65Gray
QueriousG-3BOG @ 5-203BK-O7 @ 7-7OnlineRebellionjumpy4.65Gray
Querious3BK-O7 @ 9-1ZAU-JW @ 7-19OnlineRebellionjumpy1.68Gray
Period BasisGR-J8B @ 6-20TN25-J @ 6-11OnlineKIAjumpy1.93DarkGreen
Period BasisTN25-J @ 6-5E2-RDQ @ 11-3OnlineKIAjumpy3.23DarkGreen
Period BasisL-YMYU @ 8-41-NJLK @ 11-15OnlineZAFjumpy3.84DarkGreen
Period Basis1-NJLK @ 10-1I6M-9U @ 2-1OnlineZAFjumpy2.01DarkGreen
Period BasisI6M-9U @ 3-1Y-CWQY @ 6-2OnlineZAFjumpy2.85DarkGreen
Period BasisY-CWQY @ 4-2E-DOF2 @ 4-3OnlineZAFjumpy4.44DarkGreen
Period Basis8KR9-5 @ 4-2TCAG-3 @ 3-1OnlineZAFjumpy4.07DarkGreen
Period BasisL5D-ZL @ 5-1VR-YIQ @ 3-3OnlineZAFjumpy2.25DarkGreen
Etherium/KalevalaLXQ2-T @ 9-7A-YB15 @ 6-2OnlinexXDEATHXx10924.97Yellow
Kalevala/MalpaisA-YB15 @ 6-1F-TQWO @ 5-2OnlinexXDEATHXx10924.90Yellow
Malpais/PerrigenF-TQWO @ 5-12V-ZHM @ 8-1OnlinexXDEATHXx10923.58Yellow
Perrigen2V-ZHM @ 8-22MJ-5F9 @ 7-1OnlinexXDEATHXx10923.13Yellow
Perrigen/KalevalaMJ-5F9 @ 1-1M3-H2Y @ 3-1OnlinexXDEATHXx10924.78Yellow
KalevalaM3-H2Y @ 3-2WNM-V0 @ 5-2OnlinexXDEATHXx10922.76Yellow
EtheriumLXQ2-T @ 9-14C9R-NO @ 9-2OnlinexXDEATHXx10924.86Yellow
EtheriumC9R-NO @ 9-1SAH-AD @ 7-6OnlinexXDEATHXx10923.98Yellow
EtheriumSAH-AD @ 6-1N-SFZK @ 6-15OnlinexXDEATHXx10924.89Yellow
Etherium/PerrigenN-SFZK @ 6-11R-AG7W @ 5-2OnlinexXDEATHXx10924.74Yellow
PerrigenR-AG7W @ 5-11A8-6G @ 8-1OnlinexXDEATHXx10923.32Yellow
Perrigen1A8-6G @ 7-2TAL1-3 @ 6-10OnlinexXDEATHXx10921.55Yellow
PerrigenTAL1-3 @ 6-11LW-YEW @ 2-1OnlinexXDEATHXx10923.41Yellow
PerrigenLW-YEW @ 2-2MTO2-2 @ 5-2OnlinexXDEATHXx10924.89Yellow
Oasa/Perrigen0PU2-R @ 7-6PE-SAM @ 6-12OnlinexXDEATHXx10924.94Yellow
PerrigenPE-SAM @ 6-69-ZA4Z @ 8-4OnlinexXDEATHXx10924.43Yellow
Outer PassageGA58-7 @ 5-14O-ZRI @ 3-1OnlinexXDEATHXx10923.04Yellow
Outer Passage4O-ZRI @ 9-18N-I024 @ 6-1OnlinexXDEATHXx10921.93Yellow
Outer PassageN-I024 @ 7-1GA58-7 @ 7-1OnlinexXDEATHXx10923.81Yellow
Outer Passage2ID-87 @ 4-4VH-9VO @ 4-1OnlinexXDEATHXx10924.38Yellow
Outer PassageVH-9VO @ 1-1JX-SOA @ 6-6OnlinexXDEATHXx10921.01Yellow
PerrigenRY-2FX @ 8-1B-7LYC @ 9-1OnlinexXDEATHXx10923.08Yellow
Perrigen/OasaB-7LYC @ 9-2FJ-GUR @ 7-2OnlinexXDEATHXx10923.37Yellow
Oasa/Outer PassageFJ-GUR @ 7-1FVQF-W @ 5-1OnlinexXDEATHXx10923.55Yellow
Outer PassageFVQF-W @ 5-22-84WC @ 9-9OnlinexXDEATHXx10924.61Yellow
Outer Passage2-84WC @ 9-8J-0KB3 @ 9-2OnlinexXDEATHXx10924.61Yellow
Outer Passage/PerrigenJ-0KB3 @ 9-1F-5WYK @ 8-18OnlinexXDEATHXx10923.59Yellow
PerrigenF-5WYK @ 8-19RY-2FX @ 8-2OnlinexXDEATHXx10924.92Yellow

Using a Jump Bridge

  1. Fly to POS
    Jumpbridge in space
    1. Newbies: The first time, you need to right-click in space, choose the Planets submenu, then the appropriate planet from the list, then the Moons submenu and finally "Warp to within 100 KM" on the correct moon. This will allow you to then target and warp to the jump bridge instead of slow boating over to it.
    2. Once there, right-click the bridge and bookmark it, since it will likely be a fair way from the warpin point and a bookmark will allow you to warp directly within range of the bridge from elsewhere within the system
  2. Approach the bridge within 1500m
    1. If you aren't in GF, set your Starbase Forcefield Password to 'jumpy' by right-clicking on your capacitor meter or your space ship
    2. Right click on the module, access resources, and use shift+drag to add in the ozone you need to jump (see calculator below)
  3. Right click the module and choose "Jump through to xxxxx" (If this isn't showing up, you may need to right click on your ship and enter the appropriate password as listed above)
  4. Once you are through, bookmark the jumpbridge on that side as well.

Your Ship's Mass and You

Your ship mass affects the amount of ozone needed for your ship to jump. There are two things that can increase your ship's mass. Be aware of them when traveling through jumpbridges.

  • Any online armor plates (1600mm reinforced rolled tungsten, for example) will increase your ship's mass. Offline them if possible.
  • Having your MWD active will increase your ship's mass. Make sure it's not running.
  • (Nanofibers/Polycarbs don't affect mass as of Quantum Rise)

Things to note

  • Don't go AFK or park empty ships in a jumpbridge POS. Every faggot and spy in the alliance knows the jumpbridge POS passwords, and your ship will probably be bumped out or stolen by some random hostile.
  • When you spawn at your destination, you do NOT have the cloak you get jumping through a stargate. Be wary of landing on the far side of a JB where a hostile engagement might be.
  • Jump bridges have to be 45km from the tower, which means you jump in around 15km outside the shields. All these pos's have guns but if you don't trust that cover, then don't use them.
  • No racial isotopes are required to use an array, only liquid ozone within the jump bridge.
  • The liquid ozone is required in the array you are jumping FROM, and not your destination.
  • GF members should be able to put in ozone and use the arrays, but not take ozone out.
  • Non-GF GS members can do the same ONLY if they have the POS password on their ship. See above table for public passwords.
  • Freighters CAN load ozone into the array.

Jump Bridge Fuel Calculators

http://evemap.googlecode.com EVE-Map has a built-in ozone calculator and can also import this wiki page, populating all goonfleet bridges within the program. Once you have imported jumpbridge data it will automatically factor them into its route finding.

http://apps.goonfleet.com/bridgeplanner/ - Works with the in game browswer!

http://apps.goonfleet.com/evetools/route.html - Firefox-only route calculator. Automatically pulls in goonfleet jump bridges from this page, no import needed.

To calculate the ozone required yourself, multiply your ship's mass (in millions, so a merlin is 1.45) by half the distance the bridge crosses in lightyears, listed in the tables above.

Up to Date Maps

Webway on January 21, 2010
September 20, 2009
September 20, 2009
  • New Goontopia Webway v2.xx: png

Almost Current

  • New Goontopia Webway v2.6: PNG
  • Travel Map with Detailed Lines: PNG JPG
  • Route Map with Simple Lines: PNG JPG

Others: See maps article.

Obsolete Jump Bridges

111- Campaign: Route

Rens to 77s in 20 minutes: Route

The New Jewper Highway - The Newper: Route