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The term "Empire" refers to any solar system in the EVE universe that is not true 0.0, in other words any system in which criminal actions affect your security status. Empire systems are geographically located toward the center of the galactic map.

Empire is mostly irrelevant to a 0.0 alliance with the exception of the major market hubs found there.

Empire Regions

There are 22 Empire regions, listed here by Faction sovereignty.

Amarr Empire

  • Aridia
  • Bleak Lands
  • Devoid
  • Domain
  • Genesis
  • Kador
  • Kor Azor
  • Tash-Murkon

Ammatar Mandate

  • Derelik

Caldari State

  • Lonetrek
  • The Citadel
  • The Forge

Gallente Federation

Khanid Kingdom

  • Khanid

Minmatar Republic

  • Heimatar
  • Metropolis
  • Molden Health

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